Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Stupid Me

Oh, I need to get used to working in an office again. Shake of the head.

I stood and read the newspaper in the kitchen at the bench where the newspapers are kept for doing just that, next to which was a chocolate waffle in a plastic bag. Now let me just say, this is the area where they leave all the leftover food to be eaten, from whatever meetings, or functions that may have happened in the adjoining meeting rooms, although a single waffle in a plastic bag is not generally the style of food that is left. Normally, it is what is left of a platter of sandwiches, or a plate of pastries. 

Never the less, I had never had a chocolate waffle before, so I broke a bit off and ate it, as I sipped my coffee and turned the page of the newspaper nonchalantly.

The next thing, one of the guys is standing next to me saying something. “That wasn’t like that when I left it.”

Truthfully, there were other people who’d come into the kitchen with him and I thought he was speaking to somebody else and I took very little notice.

Then I realised he was holding up the waffle in the clear plastic bag.

Oh, I think.

“This wasn’t like this?”

I continued to act as though he was talking to somebody else. I kept reading. I didn’t react. Oh, fuck me, that must be his waffle. Stupid me. I kept reading. Turning pages, not reacting. Why did I do that?

He pulled the waffle out of the bag and held it up. “No, definitely not like that when I left it.”

I stared at my newspaper, I still didn’t react, not for a minute. Really, I felt completely embarrassed. Stupid me, how could I be so dumb? I should have just owned it and apologised. Oh, I am so sorry, I just didn’t think, please forgive me. That is what I should have said. But I didn’t. I was caught off guard. I froze, over the stupidest thing, I know, really. I just made it worse, if anything, but that was what I did.

And then he was gone. I was hoping my face hadn’t flushed red with embarrassment. I’m pretty sure it didn’t.

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