Sunday, August 02, 2015

I polished the taller curvy vase a few days ago. It is funny when you have a close look at something that you see every day and you notice how dirty it is. It was amazingly oxidised, is that the word? Not one millimetre of it shone. It was a really odd dirty matt yellow kind of colour, so I got out my polish and my rag and I scrubbed it clean. When I was finished I put it back on the mantle piece and, to tell you the truth, I was horrified at what I had done. In scrubbing every square centimetre of patina from its surface, I turned it from looking like something antique to something from Copper Barn. There was only one thing to do, no not roll it around in the garden until it was dirty again, I had to clean the other two. And now all three off them have an unnatural shine to them. They glint at me in the mornings as if to say, here we are, odd looking aren't we. Like eyes in an old portrait, they seem to follow me all around the room... mocking me. smile emoticon

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Going walking

I try to go walking every night. I don't manage it every night, but I manage it most nights. Summer, winter, it doesn't matter, once I get moving the temperature makes no difference, just the rain will stop me, you know, head phones and all. Having said that, I do have a hoodie that I have pulled over my head and headphones the last few times. I'm not sure what that makes me look like, a conehead hiding his cone quite possibly.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Don't mention the OCD

Mazz doesn't like people mentioning her OCD. I mean, she doesn't have OCD, as such, but she, maybe, has a touch of it. I joke about it with her sometimes. I leave paperwork on my desk and I say to her just before I leave, "Hey Mazz, see all that paperwork strewn across my desk."

"Yes," she'll say.

"Don't worry about it, I'm going to be using it first thing in the morning."

"Damn you Christian " she says. She'll curse to the sky with her fingers outstretched.

And we'll both laugh.

She doesn't have OCD, she is just organised. There is a touch of the demonic about her organisation, granted, but it is just being smart and efficient and getting things done.

She and I are very procedurally driven at work that is why we get on so well. And we both have the same sense of humour, of course. And I make her cake, that is a big part of the reason. Ha ha. I do make her cake, that's not the funny part. We both love cake. I experiment making her gluten free cake, practising for when I have to cook for Sebastian.

A couple of days ago, Obese Olwyn (Oh, could you imagine sniffing those panties, it would be like wrapping a hammock around your face, I am sure) came around to see Kirin - she and Kirin are like that, I'm holding up my hand with my fingers crossed - and as she walked by Mazz's desk, she tipped over a pile of letters that Mazz had on the edge of her desk to be posted. "What does that do to your OCD?" asked Obese Olwyn.

Well, as you can imagine, Mazz was annoyed by her stupid act and by the insinuation and she corrected Obese Olwyn.

"I'm sorry, but I do not have OCD and quite frankly I find you saying that offensive," said Mazz. "Just because I am organised and efficient with what I do it doesn't mean..."

Obese Olwyn laughed, her fat jolly laugh. "Oh Relax, it was a joke."

"That is what I am trying to tell you, Olwyn, I don't find it funny, not at all."

Mazz sent Olwyn an apology email a bit later saying sorry if she over reacted.

The thing is, that is what Kirin says about Mazz, you know because Mazz is organised and procedure driven and Kirin is sloppy and slap dash. Quite clearly Obese Olwyn has got it from Kirin, which, to some people, could be construed as bullying. Mazz's manager Kirin shouldn't be saying such things to other staff members  no matter who that other staff member is.

Obese Olwyn is a pain in the arse, she is really loud and is always into everybody's business. You could say that she tackles office gossip like she tackles her food, whole heartedly. If I am over the other side of the office, I just don't seem to be able to have a conversation with anyone without Obese Olwyn throwing her 2 cents worth. 1 cent worth in. Yabbing-on uninvited.

She goes away on holidays with her parents, at 40, you know the type. She and her parents have just been on a cruise. I can imagine Obese Olwyn in her neck to knees standing forlornly on the deck gazing wistfully out to sea.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mortally wounded and the arrows just keep coming

I was up at 5.45am. I knew I would be, essentially falling asleep at 9pm on the couch last night. I don’t really mind, I quite like getting up early, now a days, and writing.  I lay in bed in the dark for half an hour before I got up, listening to Santo snoring. I kind of like that time in the morning, all warm and dark and cosy.

There was one red dot of a coal left in the fireplace, when I came downstairs. I pulled my fire magic with small twigs and small pieces of wood and got it burning again. Lovely.

I wrote my journal. Caught up my blog. At night when the teli is going it is too hard to concentrate on writing, but it is quiet in the morning.

We have a huge error at work, which Mazz and I found on Tuesday. It is a repeat of an error we had previously, which (big boss) Remy made Kirin do an audit in January to assure him it would not happen again, was not happening still. Teflon (I say that ironically now) Kirin, of course, gave it to me to do. Or should I say, Pass the Buck Kirin gave it to me. What can I say, she is the boss. I produced a spreadsheet checking for errors on which this latest error was marked for Kirin’s attention. Kirin, who never really checks anything, didn’t look into it and now 7 months later is has raised its ugly head bigger and badder than ever before. Oh, I am not looking forward to that.

Auditing the system, that error was originally made by Kirin herself, but I audited to find it. It was all Kirin’s mistake though. And even though I did mark it for Kirin’s attention, I could have fixed it in January and now I am not really sure why I didn’t. But being the boss Kirin is responsible.

I have to tell Kirin about it today and, essentially, being in the mortally wounded position that she is in, it is going to be a really fucken big deal. She is struggling for her survival.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hostilities have been kept at bay

I lay in bed for a bit thinking about work. I woke up thinking about it, I’m sure that isn’t good. I’m stressing about how I am going to cope, once Mazz has left. The two of us have been working flat out for two weeks to get everything done. 

Kirin has offered no help, none at all. I don’t know what she has been doing? There has been a lot of whispering with the HR staff. There has been a lot of standing at HR desks having, what looks like, secret conversations. Mazz and I reckon something major has gone wrong yet again for Kirin and she is trying to smooth it over. You know, since Kirin is, effectively, on her last warning with the company, and all. They don’t bring in the procedural auditors on you for no reason and that is what is happening to Kirin. Our big boss Remy didn’t tell me that until I had accepted the role, yeah, cheers, thanks a lot. Kirin knows and I know that that probably had a lot to do with Mazz slating her on her way out.

Why did I accept this job? Stupid me. Since I will really be the only person who knows all of the procedures, I probably would have got just as much work as a contractor training the new person, if I hadn't taken on the role, filling in in the role when the new person burnt out and gave up and training up the next new person, all the time not having the pressure or the responsibility.

I got up at 6.15am.

Kirin isn’t talking to Mazz, that was quite clear from when I first got to work today. It appeared Kirin wasn’t talking to me either. Kirin pulled me aside when we were along together at some stage and asked me if I had spoken to Jack. “No, not one word. I thought he would have called, but he hasn’t.”

“Not even to congratulate you?”

“No, nothing.”

(That is not entirely true, as Jack and I sent each other a couple of love letter emails saying thanks for being so special to the other. Sigh)

(Mazz was originally going to go and work for Jack, my boss Jack, they met up and had a discussion, but Mazz got a permanent role herself)

Kirin said that she’d heard from Guru Greta, who had been told by Jack that Mazz had to him that she was leaving (name of company) due to Kirin’s shonky work practices. Kirin is dark.

“Jack didn’t tell me, I haven’t spoken to him, he told Guru Greta and she told me,” said Kirin. “What has Mazz said to you?”

“Mazz hasn’t said that to me. She has only said that she wasn’t coping, that the workload is to great for one person, that it really needs 2 people to do the role properly,” I said. “And, you know, the time sheets are all wrong, none of the staff get anything right, that sort of thing.” This is true, that is what Mazz has said.

“It is not good to have that out there, being said about you,” said Kirin. “Well, I am not going to take it up with her.”

And there you have it, Kirin, again, is not going to take it up with Mazz. So, what can you do?

I went back to my desk and looked at what I had messaged Mazz on my phone. I am careful not to put too much in writing. And there is was, Mazz saying to me that Kirin was doing something shonky. Oh I could see it immediately. Mazz means bad procedures, not getting proper documentation  that sort of stuff, she doesn’t mean anything illegal. Anyway, I’m keeping my mouth shut. Kirin isn’t going to broach it with Mazz, so neither am I. I’m not that stupid. Kirin can do her own dirty work, again, she is the boss. I wonder if Kirin wants me to broach it with Mazz, maybe that is why she is mentioning it, because if I told Mazz I am sure she would want to set it straight with Kirin.

Kirin stayed dark until she left early, grunting a good bye at the 2 of us. Yay. Gotta love that in a work environment. She was sick last week and had 3 days off unusual for her and she still hasn’t really recovered. 

Or was she going for as job interview? Her name is mud in the company, she knows that, I know that, the bosses know that. Mazz has added to that by complaining to Big Boss Remy behind Kirin’s back. (He loves Mazz) Kirin knows that. Mazz Knows that. A cease fire has been maintained, or is that hostilities have been kept under strict control, as Mazz leaves on Friday.

We ate my favourite chicken curry for dinner.

I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm, I was exhausted, from the bitches at work bitching at each other. I woke up again at 11pm. We both went to bed then.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Three Brass Vases

I was up at 6.30am. I’ve been getting up early and writing fiction for my other blog. It is nice and quiet in the mornings if you get up early.

I got to work just after 8am. The first time I’d made it to work on time, since I became permanent. Well, I can only assume on time, as Kirin has said nothing about what hours she wants me to work. I worked it out myself, that if I want to continue to leave at 4.30pm, which is just a luxury, I need to get to work say around 8am. I’ve only managed it this morning for the first time. Kirin looked up this morning and said, “Did you wet the bed?” It wasn’t quite what I wanted to hear. I guess I should be grateful that my work environment is that laid back. I guess.

Mazz is leaving because she feels everything is done the wrong way at (name of company). She also says she can’t work with Kirin, as Kirin give her no support at all. Mazz also says that Kirin blames us for all the mistakes she makes. Our big boss Remy told Mazz this was the case.

I guess it is fair to say that Mazz thinks that Kirin is incompetent.

Mazz questioned why my email and my logons hadn’t been set up. Later in the day, Kirin said she had to fill out some form before my email would happen. Mazz just looked over at me.

Kirin seemed to be pissing around with who knows what all day, she even gave Mazz the variation report to do, which made Mazz sulky. Kirin seemed to be doing some sort of secret business all day with (name of company) HR, there were lots of whispers and the like.

Mazz and I kept saying to each other, “What is she doing?” We are the gang of 2 Mazz and I and even though I’d really like her to stay and it to be me and her, it isn’t going to be and I must remember that in the end, it is going to be Kirin and I. I should really be careful how much I say to Mazz. I mustn’t leave myself vulnerable to Mazz blurting it all out to Kirin on her way out the door at the end of the week. The end of this week, boo hoo.

We left work at 4.30pm. Fat Frankie got in the lift with Mazz and I and he commented about the two of us leaving on time, which was really unusual.

“There is 2 of us,” I said. That’s it, of course, there is 2 of us. Mazz and I have been working solidly to get out on time.

I went for a walk for an hour after work.

We ate stir-fired vegies for dinner.

We watched Go Back To Where You Came from, until about 11.30pm. Makes you kind of ashamed to be Australian watching the racist types, but then one of them has a change of hart and it was only the awful bitch from Queensland who was left being a bigot, so it made me feel good again about Aussies.

I now have 3 brass vases on the mantelpiece. One has been there forever with the back door key in it. Not all that long ago when we were cleaning out the boxes up stairs of stuff that past resident have left, I found the larger brass vase and it joined the smaller one on the mantelpiece. Even more recently, when we were walking Buddy in George Street and one of the houses was having a garage sale in the front yard, I bought a rather attractive shiny brass bottle that joined the other two on the mantelpiece and then there were three. Well, I cleaned the second vase to join the ranks, as it was really, badly tarnished. Now, it shines unnaturally and makes the other 2 look very dull. I guess I am going to have to clean the other 2 now, which is not really what I want. I like the patina. It was just that the one I did clean was so terrible. I just wanted it to look a little better, not the shining beacon it turned into. Grrr. Maybe, if I clean them all one, then they will naturally tarnish back to kind of a dull shine? Maybe?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Abolish Compulsory Voting

I think we should abolish compulsory voting in this country. Therefore, one would assume, that only the intelligent people would vote. It would change the political landscape for the better. It would stop such legislation as Tony Abbott's refugee and border security legislation having an effect. It would stop politicians appealing to the scared, base element in our society.