Thursday, June 30, 2005

Out & About

How are you?
How was your Mum?
I'm terrified today.
Practically frozen with terror.
That seems about right, really.
Deep breath.

I'm good.
My mum was good. Funny. She makes me laugh. Perhaps, she needs to take herself off to China for Human Growth Hormone, so I can have her around for another twenty years
Terrified? You are absolutely the bravest person I know.
I'll be bringing chocolates and flowers and you know what else... after Saturday hey?
I'm breathing for you.
love you.

that helps J

Tell me when I should front up? Put in your request now, not that you won't be getting my highest priority – handsome wogboys withstanding.

Ummm if you are feeling human Saturday morningish would be alright.
Or afternoon would be fine too, but I'm going for a drink at the Xchange at 4 with Keith.  You would be more than welcome to come, of course.
Otherwise, anytime Sunday is great, except between 11 and 12, when Marimba is coming to see me.
Just text me when you wanna come.
Or should I say are coming? J

I could come straight from the Market with Tim and Ben? What time is opening hours?

Tim was very pleased about Friday night and things he had for it. Lovely, lovely drugs. Very excited, could hardly contain himself. Off to the Market tomorrow night.
I drove Ben over to Coburg to get dope.
Tim called to say that Est X had been sold back to the original owner N and that all its devotees were being re-directed to bar in Smith Street. I guess that's good, depending what N has in mind, I guess.
We watched teev when we got back.

The place is open from 7am Miss.
Would be happy to see you then!

Apparently, I am going out and taking drugs. Goodness me! Goodness, goodness me!

Hooray for you I say Miss!

Tim must have started to feel the effects of the wine he'd consumed, as he disappeared suddenly. I went to bed around 23.00 to watch Big Brother Uplate. I woke up sometime in the night and turned the TV off, before those demented American Evangelicals got a look in.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hello handsome

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Got wood

Here is the number for the wood man 98xx 82xx. I just don't have time this week to do anything about it.

Chris – Its $250 a ton... We can organise it for delivery on Saturday... Are you ok with that... I will probably have to get it put out the back so we'll need to be careful of your car.

Sure, I'm cool with that. I thought Perry said it was $215 per ton, but which ever, I'm fine with it. We've got to be warm.
It will have to go out the back, we can stack it against the side wall next to the car, or we can stack it down the side of the house under the window.

I reckon the side wall next to the car – I will organise the delivery today.... Will you be home Friday night/Saturday?

Ok – It’s all done – they also had half tons for $140... but I got the ton as she said its good at the moment

Monday, June 27, 2005

The corn

I have very sore knees... not too bad, all things considered.

How are your knees now?
I'll remember to call you off for breaks chats and the like next time.
I have a sore back!
Hospital on 2 hours sleep – ugh!

Well, I did manage to fit in a play with my mum this evening, and I was her usual, charming favourite.
And, I walked home from the city, so, I guess, I have to say the knees are fine, even if they aren't exactly unnoticeable.
Hospital sweetie? Did you have appointments today? Did you have to deliver your 5 litres of piss?

Just thought everyone may like to know that the corn has already seen the light of day again!! That was quick!!

He, he, he. Good to hear.

How you feeling?

The morning was quite good... but the afternoon is slowing down markedly.

I did manage a play with mum – David Williamson’s, Influence. Supposedly his last. Apparently, he is retiring due to ill health – and I even managed to walk home from the city.
Home by 21.30, just in time for Big Brother Uncut.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I found myself asleep on the couch as 2am

Mark and Luke didn’t go to the party, they said they were too tired.

I got there at about 1am, as we had to wait for Mark W. to get home from his dictionary quiz night, which I was quite happy about, don’t get me wrong, I’m a late party arriver by heart. Besides, it was nice sitting around and chatting to Shane, He-who-shall-never-be-mentioned and Tom, I never do enough of that. And we were all puffing on the go pipe in the interim, so it was all good. We did our first e just before we left. Tom and He-who-shall-never-be-mentioned and Shane drove.

The party was quite small, small space that is, not that I explored any of it, actually. I got on the dance floor, with three e’s under my belt and danced the whole night away.

My crotch ogling was outrageous, actually more constant than outrageous. I think that’s what I did all night. I didn’t see or find anyone who took my fancy, so it was all meant as a harmless compliment. They noticed, although I hardly remember any of them now. One very cute dark-haired boy smiled at me in a cute, flattered way, which was kind of nice, as I gazed at him quite often. But, I danced off from all of them, once I’d got their attention, so it was just a game. My game. I just want to dance and look at parties now-a-days, nothing much else. I think I’m happy to wait for someone I really like to come by, rather than do the whole casual sex thing. Besides, I don’t think I’m good at sex on drugs with a stranger. I’m much better at sex on drugs with a boy I like and with who I can take my time for it all to happen.

I didn’t get off the dance floor at all. In fact, I never thought about it, it never occurred to me, until Tom came up to me and said that he wanted to go. And then it was all over.

I shivered across the road, even though the car was, in fact, directly across the road, as, I guess you can well understand, I was saturated. We dropped home for me to get some Mersyndol, to relieve the headache I was rapidly developing, when I took the opportunity to change my clothes, as Tom waited in the car, before we went to Shane’s. But my headache wasn’t subsiding any, so I asked to be taken home.
Besides, Shane was off to fuck some couple anyway, so he wanted to leave shortly, I can only assume.

SMS. 8.16. (Ab) No husband! Rats! – Christian

Then I was in bed, not long after, where all the usual things took place – quietly, locked away from the world in my own sanctuary.

I called Manny at 10am just to chat, dirty to be sure, with him. My invitation for him to come over for sex on the weekend, which he turned down because of John, with a husky, sexy, turned on voice, was, I admit, in my mind. But, I didn’t really expect him to come over, I don’t want to be blamed for his relationship brake up. I just wanted to hear what he sounded like with a hard-on. He sounds so sexy when he is turned on.

SMS. 10.03. Yr too good for him anyhow – Ab

Tom was off to Perry and Wesley’s to take his two remaining e’s, sometime in the afternoon.

SMS. 17.59. Firewood number 98xx 82xx – Tom

I got up for the last part of the Big Brother eviction. I found myself asleep on the couch as 2am.