Saturday, December 21, 2013

What to write

I haven’t known really what to write, because I just appear to have forgotten about the fact that some other individuals who “view an issue I wrote about” for what it truly is and may perhaps not agree with me. I might be turning away a decent number of people who might have been supporters of my website.

The issue was smoking a joint.

The fact is that I think marijuana should be legalised. There is no real reason that it shouldn’t be. Nobody has ever died from a marijuana over dose.

If you substituted the joints in the piece for glasses of red wine, nobody would think anything about it. Alcohol kills how many people a year?

I'm sure there would be an argument that could be made that if all the "boys" boozed off their minds on alcohol in King Street on a Saturday night had smoked a joint instead there would be far less violence and possibly lives saved. Not to mention, dare say, that if they taken ecstasy they'd be hugging each other rather than punching each other.

The only real long term out come of banning drugs is to make a great number of criminals very wealthy.

If we took all of the money away from policing the drug problem around the world, that would include the budget of the jails to house the people who were caught smoking a joint, or whatever it was they were taking, from all around the world. If we put all of that money into the health budget, I am sure, that everyone, including all of the drug addicts, on the planet would have access to the best medical treatment, all around the world.

I think the rich should be taxed. Lower taxes with more emphasis on flat taxes has only made the divide between rich and poor wider, so that social experiment hasn’t worked.

Successive conservative governments have lowered taxes and sold off assets to afford it and now we are broke because of it. We used to be a country that offered free education and free medical. We should try to become that country again.

I think The UN’s powers should be expanded and they should be given authority over food distribution, there is enough food on the planet to feed everybody well. The UN should also be given authority for environmental controls, because modern politicians are too self interested and too piss weak to pass the laws that are necessary.

Otherwise, the human race is simply not going to survive. I don’t really care if the human race survives, it is too self-focused and too selfish and too stupid to really matter, but I know a lot of people do, so lets give this ago.

I think abortion should be uniformly legalised through out the country, there is no substantive reason why it shouldn’t be. I think voluntary euthanasia laws should be passed and yes, tired of life, should be allowed as one of the reasons.

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Allan said...

Tots agree with ya Fletch its about time these nambie pambie Gov'ts legalised certain drugs for recreational use i.e. marryjewanna, ecstacy and cocaine.