Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Drive To The Airport

I drove Mark to the airport 8.30am. My take on airport pick ups and drop offs, the person flying should catch a taxi, why make a friend do, what is essentially, two trips to the airport, there and back, when you could make one trip in a taxi. Mark doesn't see it the way I do. Mark always manages to book a flight around peak hour traffic in Melbourne. At 8.30am the roads were surprisingly free of cars.

The sun shone, the sky was blue.

I've been looking at new cars lately? I'm still not sure about it, I already have a perfectly good car that I don't drive, but it will be 20 years old this year. It clucks and squeaks a bit now, it is true. But, then, so do I some days now. I'd like the new Peugeot 308 GTI, but they are still expensive, there aren't so many of them and they aren't dropping in price quick enough. And they don't seem to come with sun roofs. They come with a moon roof, which is a fixed glass roof that the only thing I would imagine you do under it is cook. I want the fresh air, I always have my sun roof open for air when I drive. You can get the latest model VW Golf GTI, 5 years old, not so many kilometres, 80,000, pretty cheap now. And it comes with a sun roof. I'd like the Peugeot, which is (kind of) the newest model of the car I drive now, because it is the best car I have driven, even now in its decreptitude. 

But whatever car I have, I'm still only going to drive it occasionally, like to the airport. I guess I drive it once a month. My mechanic always jokes about how many kilometres I do between servicing. It is due to be serviced now, actually. Good thing about living on the edge of the city. I love that arc of power my car has, especially from 2nd to 3rd, you put your foot down and the car just rockets forward. It still gives me a thrill to drive it. It is probably as good a sign, as any, that I don't need a new car.

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