Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I Was Caught Off Guard, His Beauty Was Sprung On Me Quite Unexpectedly

I was out putting the bins on the footpath early this morning. Actually, I was sweeping my front yard, I am trying to get into the habit of sweeping it on rubbish day, then, at least, it gets swept once a week.

My neighbours had put out two half empty bins, so I just had to fill them up. I really don't know how people only have half a bin of rubbish to put out on bin day, we struggle to get all of our rubbish into our bin.

So, I pulled out all of those fishbone ferns, which I hate, that are taking over my garden. I stuffed them all into the bins with gusto.

It is amazing how much stuff I can get done in an hour on the morning of rubbish day.

Anyway, I'd just stuffed the last of the fishbone ferns into the bin and slammed the lid shut, and I turned to head back inside, when this gobsmackingly good looking boy - I'd say he was twenty five - came walking along the footpath with headphones on. I didn't have time to filter myself, not really. I'm sure I just stared completely unabashed. Round face, light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, square chin, with a small dimple, gorgeous smile. Chest. Guns. Tight waist. Noticeable bulge. But, really, it was his face, just so pretty.

I'm sure my expression said, Jesus, fuck. I'd like to sniff out every crevice on your person.

He blushed with a big smile, which just made him seem more adorable.

"Hi," I said. I couldn't stop myself. I'm sure I felt a bit like Kevin Spacey, right at that moment. (Ha ha, that's a joke. I just wanted to say that) Oh, Christian, I thought. Get it together. You are just not normally...

I was caught off guard, his beauty was sprung on me quite unexpectedly. It was just me and my broom and my pan and shovel on the footpath. It was quiet. I was alone. I'm really not like that, not often. I'm usually the model of... um... ah... er... you know.

"Hi," he said.

I slid my tongue back into my mouth, with both hands, as I watched his pert arse, clad in camel chinos, walk away. I felt like whistling. It is a great day, I thought.

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