Monday, February 05, 2018

No Waterfall

We got the waterfall on the pond working finally. All it took was some new tube from Bunnings. Sam has talked about getting the waterfall working for ages.

Mark was down from NSW, or at least, he has been down for a week and has been off other places, in my car. He'd been visiting his daughter, my stepdaughter, walking her dog on the beach, fixing things around her new house. He had a day before his flight, so I managed to work the waterfall into the conversation and he and I were soon heading off to Bunnings. We bought long-handled Secateurs and chopped the branches of the trees first to allow more sun into the back yard.

We got the waterfall working, it hasn't been operational for years. It sounded perfect, just the right amount of 'tinkle' of water into the pond in the evenings. And it looked amazing. All it really took was a new piece of tube from the filter to the, still, existing waterfall tubing. Mark's an action man, he likes to get things done. Sam is more of an action man too. Me, I'm more your sit back and contemplate the situation, kind of guy.

Unfortunately, the waterfall allowed water to get under the pond liner, allowing a huge water bubble to erupt in the pond, so that is the end of the waterfall. After all this time of Sam wanting to get the waterfall working, there we did it, and it is no more, due to a major design fault.

Mark didn't get time to fix the water bubble in the pond before he left. "Just drain it," he said. "Just the way I did it."

"Um... er... um," I said.

Sam copied Mark's method of draining off the excess water, with a piece of hose, and a working hose. Up the end of the hose underwater with the working hose and the water is pushed to the other end of the draining hose, as long as the other end of the draining hose is lower than the end sucking the water. It works perfectly, almost everything back to normal.

No waterfall, though. Sad Face.

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