Sunday, February 18, 2018

Religion Fucked up the World

Religion fucked up the world. I think that most of us understand that. All those native tribesmen would have been safe with their traditions. All the gay kids around the world would never have been put down. The Greeks, the Romans, the Pagans, the world never gave a toss about being gay, in fact some of them encouraged it. All those Aboriginal kids would never have been taken from their parents. All those unwanted children would never have been born. All those unhappy marriages would never have been performed. All of the poor in India would have had their lives saved and not just their souls. All those children would never have been molested in the name of the great sky fairy. All those wars, all of those deaths, all of that suffering would never have occurred if ignorant men, no doubt with small penises, hadn't shouted, "My god is better than your god."

Religion is like those hotel booking apps, Trivargo and Hotels dot whatever, you know the ones, totally unneeded, as you can simply book directly with a hotel. Just like with religion, you can just engage with the real world, rather than subscribing to an intermediary, to tell you how to engage with the real world.

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