Saturday, February 04, 2017

Lazy Saturday

We headed into the city to eat lunch and have haircuts. Lazy Saturday. We ate Indonesian. I had my haircut while Sam sniffed around JB. At the last minute, he said he didn't want his hair cut.

The weather was glorious.

I bought new work shirts, new short-sleeved shirts for the rest of the summer. I bought a loud blue checked on and a purple one and a plain grey one. I'm going for the more casual look at work. I've ditched my suits and I'm wearing chinos and cool shirts.

We shopped at the Asian grocer. Sam inspecting the shelves very intently. Me, on my phone, or imagining the cute boy shopping next to us in his undies. Or taking photos.

We walked home in the sunshine, through the parks.

We leave for Europe in 4 months and we should have been booking accomodation for that, but we didn't get to that. Shopping in the city is exhausting. Ha ha.

I spoke to Jill, she is having doubts about going to live in Queensland. She is going in May to avoid the Melbourne winter. 
"But what about the Queensland summer," I asked.
Yes, well, that is the doubt.

We ate fried rice for dinner.

We watched The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel.

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