Thursday, February 09, 2017

What Does A Boy Have To Do To Keep A Job

Since I have had that Melissa’s name in the freezer, (the girl who I am filling in for) she has had a miscarriage, a divorce and cancer twice, with both her tits lopped off most recently… shrug?... who would have thought?

But, she is still coming back in a couple of months to take the job back. What do I have to do to get rid of her? Should I freeze her name inside an ice block in an ice block tray, in the freezer?

I told Jill, and she actually said that I was responsible for Mel's problems... roll of the eyes...

“It all started out as a joke, luv…” I said. “Rachel and I and a late lunch.”

“But look what has happened to this girl, ever since you and Rachel started this “joke…” said Jill, air-signing parenthesis, with disgust in her voice.

(No wonder the new age’ers are gaining traction in the world today)

Never the less… I wouldn’t mind keeping the job for 3 days a week? Mon to Wed, it is quite nice. Thu and Fri off. It works for me. The job is easy, piece of cake. Being causal is even better, I can work what days I want.

Of course, Rachel, the one who told me to do it in the first place, now says I am too evil for words.

"Gosh you are harsh," says Rachel. Laughing.

Really? Full of suggestions, but when it actually comes to pulling the trigger, they wimp out, I thought.

Snigger, snigger. (I think it was when I asked what I had to do to kill the bitch… a step too far? Even Rachel recoiled at that point)

I'm thinking I might freeze her name inside the ice block to see how that goes. (I used an old olive container from the supermarket deli)

It is nothing personal, Melissa, eh, business is business. I quite like Mel, to tell you the truth, she's nice.

The best thing about having a job, I have discovered, is the fact that I no longer worry about not having a job.

(Of course, when I have, eventually, disposed of her lifeless body, and I am stuck with the weekly grind of the office, I’m sure I will probably say, at some point, “Um, er, 3 days a week? What was I thinking?”)

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