Thursday, February 16, 2017

Work Life Balance

Work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday off. Lovely. I like it.

Now, I just have to work out how to get the job permanently. I did freeze Melissa’s name in an ice block in the freezer, let’s see if that works. Why do I want the job? Because my dreams of being a writer are not materialising and I may just end up being a pauper in old age… um… err… did I just say that out loud? No, it is not that, I’m sure it isn’t that. It is? Well? The conditioning about having a job is hard to kick, really it is, so, I reckon, it is easier to have a job so I don’t worry about not having one. Does that make sense?

I'm going to go for a bike ride. I’m trying to go for a bike ride every day, every day I am not working, that is. Apparently, the walking I have been doing every day is not enough. I got a new rear tyre on my bike in the last few days, so I am good to go. Best I go.

Then I might go to Ikea and get some clip frames for some pictures I have for the collage of paintings I am working on for my study wall. I’m sure I saw a wall of them in some shop some time ago, I’m hoping it was Ikea. I can picture them up on the wall just before you get to the checkouts. Or is that just creative visualisation? I wanted it, so I am picturing it.

Then I might go to the second hand record shop in Brunswick Street and look for the 2 Rolling Stones albums that I don't have. That would be fun. I’ve been buying cds in opshops for $1 recently. I’m going to be super pleased if I turn over the next cd and it is one of the Rolling Stones cds that I am missing. That small thrill, to the core. I want to feel that, but somehow, I don’t think it is going to happen, Rolling Stones cds don’t end up in opshops, so I have to up the ante to go to specific cd shops. The cd I see the most in opshops is Didos, No Angel, I don’t know why. I could also have bought Robbie Williams entire collection. Alex Lloyd is another biggy.

Then I'll make lunch for Sam.

It is cool and overcast.

I have to book an apartment in Paris and an apartment in Amsterdam and I have to book the Eurostar to London, for our trip in a few months.

And what I don't get done today, well, there is always tomorrow.

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