Friday, February 03, 2017

The American Solution

I don’t understand the resettlement of refugees to America. (actually, I do) The idea that refugees aren’t allowed to be settled in Australia is, according to the Lying Party, oh sorry, Liberal party, to shut down the people smugglers business in Indonesia because the “golden ticket” of living in Australia is taken away. Refugees would be resettled to 3rd, presumably unappealing, countries like Cambodia, or PNG, or the moon, it doesn’t matter, so those refugees wouldn’t get on boats in the first place. But, if they are being sent to America, surely, America would be just as attractive, if not more attractive, to refugees?

To me this suggests that resettlement in Australia was never the issue. It points towards what the true fact of resettlement of refuges really is and that is that it is the only policy success the Liberal Party ever had. Under Tony Abb..vomit… Abb…vomit… Abb… vomit… the previous Prime Minister it was the only policy that worked for them, everything else they put their hands to was a complete failure. (large parts of the 2014 budget still haven’t passed the senate) So it never had anything to do with people smugglers and everything to do with appealing to the base racist nature of Australian’s to keep their political jobs. The Liberal Party doesn’t care how many lives they ruin to stay in power and the American deal proves it.

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