Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just The Religious Nuts Rattling Their Disenfranchised Cage, Yet Again

So, the Victorian Liberal Party is debating torture for young gay people, in the guise of conversion therapy (I am barely able to give it that name, as it is too respectful a term) and that fool Greg Hunt likens it freedom of speech. Really?

Greg Hunt, it is child abuse. Would you give the same lieu way to child abusers?

Of course, it is just sour grapes from the religious right having lost the battle over gay marriage. It is the religious rights bitterness leaking from everyone of their holly orifices because more and more of society is rejecting their out dated religious beliefs.

The Victorian Liberal Party has been taken over by conservative Christians, so who knows what they are planning for the future.  Just another reason not to vote Liberal in Victoria, or Australia, for that matter.

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