Saturday, April 14, 2018

Natural Selection and 40 kph Speed Limits

So, why do we have 40 kph speed limits?

Well Little Johnny, that’s because there are so many dumb people in the world who don’t know not to walk out into the traffic.


Yes. And for some reason, those in power decided that instead of letting the stupid people get run down, they have decided to go against millions of years of evolution, deeming that all of society should be slowed down and inconvenienced because of the stupid people.

So, are you saying that all of Melbourne has to drive at 40 kph because of stupid people?

That’s what I’m saying, Little Johnny.

Thanks a lot, stupid people, said Little Johnny.

But more than that, by going against millions of years of natural selection, opting for 40 kph speed limits is, actually, putting the future of the human race in doubt.

Because allowing the stupid people to live and therefore breed, said Little Johnny, we are weakening the human gene pool?

Exactly, Little Johnny. It is in all our future interest to maintain 60 kph speed limits and let the stupid people be run down and killed in the street.

Thanks a lot stupid people in charge, said Little Johnny.

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