Friday, May 27, 2016

I bought hot chips at 6pm

Buddy has suddenly become obedient as he starts to suffer the first effects of Stockholm Syndrome. I haven’t taken him for a walk in 2 weeks. Sam is cross about it. He is the best dog to be writing with, he just sleeps all day. Occasionally, he looks over at me with big sad eyes, but then slumphs down to sleep again. I must take him for a walk today.

I wrote all day.

It rained all day.

I bought hot chips at 6pm. Yes, I know, I thought I had the diet back under control. I headed out into the cold with my hoodie hood pulled up over my head. the wind blew bitterly, the rain fell. It was wet and dark and comfort food was exactly what was needed right at that point of leaving the house. It was a trip out into the elements, man pitted against nature.  Besides, Sam would never let me buy hot chips. "What sort of food do you call that?" His tone would be incredulous and dismissive at exactly the same time.

I bought 2 potato cakes and chips and while even I probably realised that my initial mental calculation was some what low at three bucks, but I wasn't quite expecting the actual cost when it came of $11.90.

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