Thursday, June 08, 2017

Pink Flamingos

The sun came out and we hurriedly put on our walking shoes, survived the staircase - although appearing to be a normal staircase, the treads do almost follow a spiral staircase pattern and you can be quite dazed at the top, having climbed four floors almost entirely vertically - and scampered outside. We took a section of Amsterdam we hadn't explored and trotted off eagerly. We walked for miles. The sun shone. It was lovely.

We found ourselves on two lovely seats, at the end of a gorgeous piazza, or square, or what do the Dutch call them? A Fingledorphora. The sun shone down and we gazed at a flock of flamingos, there on our chairs under a tree, which dropped dappled light on to our heads.

We had silently gazed at these birds for some time.

I turned to Sam and said, after much contemplation. "Not something you'd expect to see."

"Huh?" says Sam.

"Your pink Flamingo, in the middle of Amsterdam."

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