Sunday, June 19, 2016

Online Psycho Drama

I love The Age newspapers online quota system. 

You can read 30 articles a month, before you have to stop reading, or you pay to read more.

The trick that I use is, because we are just dished up the same stuff in Melbourne and Sydney, if you google the articles headline, you can often get the same article in The Sydney Morning Herald  so you can effectively double your free content to 60 articles a month.

However, 30 articles a month is usually plenty for me, besides, the internet is awash with news, so there is really no need to pay for any of it.

However, if I do happen to get that pop up window, "You have read 28 articles this month," you only have two more tales of woe to go, I take it as an indication that I have read far too much online news and I try not to read any more, instead trying to write some stuff of my own.

The best news is the free news, because let's face it, the news now a days is just more online opinion battling for online exposure. We can never really be sure if it is true, or not.

Paul Barry says we must pay for it to safeguard the noble vocation of journalism, which effectively keeps check on society. If only the online news could be classified as journalism, the world would be a much different place.

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