Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What Happens When You Are Told You Are Second Rate? Or Intrinsically Evil? Or an Abomination? Or Perverted?

People say only in America, often.

I'm assuming some of us are saying it again, with the - what number is it, can anyone keep up? - latest mass shooting in America. The Orlando gay night club shooting.

The politicians are all enthusiastically trying to link it to terrorism because, I am assuming, that is the best political course for them to take. It is a vote winner. (Let's face it, the worst prime minister that Australia has ever seen, Tony Abbott, probably only won office in the last election because he was most effective in tapping into Australian's racism and fear. We stopped the boats, we stopped the boats, he squawked like a demented parrot) And, of course, because anyone with a gun who shoots someone in the year 2016 is naturally called a terrorist, probably an Islamic terrorist. I guess, you may have to shoot 2 people to be called a terrorist, but the point is the same.

Are Muslims terrorists? If you have a section of society that is continually vilified by our politicians for political gain, one can reasonably expect them to react, hit back, respond. Does that make those few reactionaries amongst them terrorists? Or does that just make them pissed off?

So you get some guy, who was, from all accounts, bought up in a devoutly Muslim family, who at the age of 11, 12, 13, whatever, realises he likes the look of his male buddies. And he lives in fear for the next 10 years, or so, because he has been taught that being a poof is an abomination in the eyes of god.

So what does he do?

He marries some girl. He beats his wife because he is frustrated and living a lie. He probably cheats on her with other men, getting his cock sucked down back alleys, the usual story. He leaves her and finds a new wife, he has kids and he frequents gay bars on the side

Eventually, he loses his mind and he buys a gun and he goes and kills the men who have what he has.

He claims he does it in the name of Allah, (despite his ex-wife saying he had no strong religious beliefs) you know, reverting back to what he has been taught, maybe what is expected of him, possibly what the rest of the world would believe. Is that some last ditch attempt to snatch some sort of respectability out of his final act, to appease his devout father, and to sure up those 72 virgins? (except the virgins he sees are wearing little black shorts and have bare, muscular chests)

So what is to blame? Religion? Society? Homophobia? All three? A society that is homophobic, the flames of which are flamed by outdate religious belief?

In a society that is homophobic, that teaches its members that being gay is second rate, it is easy to imagine how a frightened, lost, mentally unstable soul could take a gun and shoot people.

Is this what gay hate leads to? Someone taking a gun to us? Is this where an unchecked homophobic society goes?

What are all the opponents of marriage equality going to do in the next 6 months to stop marriage equality being passed by the people of this country?

How nasty is it going to get?

That is a no brainer those opposed are going to tell anybody who will listen, what an intrinsically evil condition homosexuality is. That rhetoric is going to be ramped up to levels not seen in this country before. The Christian Lobby has already asked for hate crime legislation to be suspended so they can get their message out there without fear of prosecution. Think about that for a moment? What does the Christian lobby intend to say that would warrant the hate crime legislation to be suspended?

The hate is going to be ramped up, by the good people of the right. Gay people all over Australia are going to feel the pain. And, it is quite possible that those having problems on the fringes of gay world could feel really isolated and denigrated and oppressed and those already struggling with mental illness could quite possibly be driven to do something really horrible.

The coming plebiscite on gay marriage could potentially lead to such a shooting here too.

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