Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cold and Grey

Ha, ha, I took the dogs to the park on foot. Normally, always, Buddy won't leave the house unless both Sam and I are there to walk him. 
Some people say, "Isn't he cute gathering his pack around him."
"Isn't he annoying," I say. "Try moving a 26 kilo bulldog who won't move, then see how cute you think it is."
So, that was a sucess.
The plan was, I was just going to drive to the next street. I knew if I did that once, however, Buddy would always want to go in the car, walking would then be out of the question. So, this was the moment. Having Bear staying, I just hoped it would have a good affect on him. I know that when Buddy decides to sit down in the street, one bark from Bear gets him going. 

Buddy wouldn't leave the lounge room, the usual deal. He just won't set one foot into motion to come when called. So, I got Bear to bark at the front door and Buddy came running, ready and raring to go walking. 

I was suitably sedated, as one might say. I wanted to waft around to the park, as if on a gossamer wing, or whatever that expression is? As soon as we got going, I realised there would be no wafting involved, no, not today. Walking two dogs is not as easy as it sounds, they both walk at a different pace, in different directions, often at the same time. One minute I am doing the splits, the next minute I feel like I am in a straight jacket. We stopped to chat to some people in the street, at which moment Bear looped me for a second time to get to the lovely people, wrapping me like a mummy in dog leads, and threatening to topple over at any moment. "Pat me! Pat me!" If Buddy had pushed against me, I'd have been a gonner.

"Ah, yes, they are," I step out of the death loop of dog leads, "er, quite a handful."

It was cold and grey, my expectations far out weighed the reality. A cold wind blew. Quite chilled. I couldn't get my fingers warm. There were no other dogs in the dog park. It looked like it was going to rain the whole time we were there.

But, I think that is only the 3rd time I have walked Buddy to the park by lead.

Heading home is never a problem for Bud, he's like a homing pidgeon. He can be off his lead to head home, on occasions, a quite Sunday morning, or something, but today we needed the safety of a lead.

Buddy harrumphs down on the cool tiles.

The doorbell rings. I go to the door thinking it will be a delivery man, to find my sister on the other side. I've just blown a split, I had just thrown it in the ash tray outside, as I came inside to the door. I feel a bit cross-eyed as our eyes meet. Don't look away, don't look self conscious. Meet her gaze, you have nothing to hide. Smile.

Just be cool, and you will never have to explain something she has never tried or would know nothing about.

She drinks tea, I drink coffee. We chat away, she is none the wiser. I tell her I am stressing about this new job and how, if I was really honest, I don't want to do it. She tells me to work for a couple of months, get a couple of good tax returns, then if I don't like it, resign, and stop thinking about it. Two months goes quick. "You can literally just walk out, at any time, if you want." She's working somewhere in town, today, I guess. She did say, but I can't remember now.

I keep smelling fish and chips? It's cruel.

Time to light the fire and watch Netflix. At this point, I am glad that I did not buy any more ice cream.

Bear is keen to see if the fire lighters are edible. She is a walking stomach, that dog.

I'm watching all the gay movies, one after the other, as though that is the normal world.

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