Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday the Sun Shone

I made apple pancakes for breakfast. Sam said to use the receipt that only made four pancakes, then proceeded to eat four himself. Suffice to say, I used a different recipe.

The sun shone, it was nice. I walked to the shops in my t-shirt, the sun on my skin was nice, after the last few days.

We had BBH in Victoria Street. I always dribble it down my chin. I drink the last of it by picking the bowl up in both my hands.

We shopped. I bought pears to stew with my apples. I ate last weeks pears, and I still haven’t stewed the apples. Good thing Granny Smiths keep okay. They will have brown spots boy now, but it all comes out in the stew.
We came home and had a nap on the floor, resting my head on the big, orange cushion that I keep for those occasions. There is something nice about the hard floor, it stretches out all the kinks. I slept and hour, or so. But then, I can sleep any where, it is my best talent.

We ate curry for dinner. Red, Thai curry.

We watched Eurovision. Ah Eurovision, nothing is as tacky, but that is why we like it after all. I like the boy from Norway, he's just too cute.

The open fire burned. Buddy slep in my arms, as he likes to do, when I sit on the floor at the coffee table. It is interesting having a 26 kilo bulldog say, I'm going to sit here, and then he does, like the bulldozer that bulldogs can be.

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