Friday, May 04, 2018

Rain On The Roof

I fell asleep on the couch. I love that, don't you? I woke to the sound of rain falling heavily on the roof. I love that too. It had been threatening to rain all day. Of course, Sam woke me, he hates me falling asleep on the couch. It was lovely to hear the rain. It seems to have been so long since we heard the sound of rain drops falling from the sky.

I had watered my garden early in the day, as suddenly I notice the plants were looking shrivelled with cat's arses for lips as if to say, "We are dying here!" As I said, it seems so long since it has rained. It makes no never mind though, a bit of extra hose water can only be a good thing.

Sam wanted to take the dogs out for a piss before bed, but how could he, they'd get drenched. Bear is staying again, Jill has pissed off to the US again. And London, too. And Paris, I think. I wasn't much help, as I lay languorously on the couch, as Sam Stressed about what to do. Funny how you care about very little having just woken up. He eventually took the dogs out with an umbrella when the rain lessened off for a few minutes.

I'm a big lazy arse
my requirements are sparse
all I want to do is eat and sleep
beyond that I won't complain, not a peep.

And then they left me and I was all alone with the rain. Ha, ha. I had to gather my thoughts, and my stuff and follow them up to bed.

Then I lay snuggled under the doona as the rain fell on the roof upstairs. Drift off to sleep and dreams as the world was washed new again. It is romantic. I took hold of Sam’s hand, but he was already asleep.

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