Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Like Mike Ross

I’m watching Suits. Yes, it is very topical, at the moment, I guess, me going back to work and all. Adrianna enthused about it on Sunday night. She said the main character, Harvey Specter, was hot. She did that hang shaking gesture that I have never really understood, but, I know, that people don’t do that hand gesture unless they really mean it, I have deduced. She’s hooked, she said.

Hooked. I don’t get hooked on TV shows. Ha ha. But Adrianna emphasised how good looking this guy is, so I had to have a peak. Harvey Specter is very polished and handsome, but I, actually, fancy his intern, Mike Ross much more. 
 He’s cute, he reminds me of my school boy boyfriend, Alex, who I have written about before. Alex made all of his money in real estate, but he could have been Mike, there is a similarity.

I watched a few episodes last night. 
And here I am watching mid day Tuesday.

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