Sunday, June 17, 2018

At The Pool

We head into the change room to change before our swim. The change room is busy, guys everywhere.

To get a locker, you are given a barcode on a piece of paper, at the front desk, which you take into the change room and you scan on a barcode reader on a screen attached to the lockers, which allows you to choose one of the lockers for which you set a temporary pin number for the time you are using it.

The wiry lifeguard with the ponytail was in the change rooms helping a rather nice looking boy with a hairy chest who had forgotten the password he set for his locker. The life guard fixes his locker and then turns to another guy who had also forgotten his password, (I’m guessing this is a common occurrence) who is standing a little way away from the lockers.

“Do you remember the number of your locker?” the wiry life guard asks the guy standing over by the basins.

“No, I can’t remember?”

“So which locker did you have?” asks the lifeguard.

“No, I don’t remember.”

“Oh, okay. What time did you get here,” asks the life guard? “I’ll look and see what lockers were taken up at that time.”

“I couldn't tell you," says the guy.

Oh, I was loving this. Mr Stupid cleared had the memory of a gold fish. He’d probably head out of the change room later and say pool, in a surprised voice, not remembering where he was.

I look at Sam. He whispers to me, “It is no concern of yours.”

“Okay,” says the life guard. “Was your locker on the top or the bottom?”

The genius shrugs.

“Okay,” says the life guard. “I’ll open a few lockers and we can look in them.”

The lifeguard opens the first locker inside which is a black backpack with red trim. The life guard says to the guy, “Is this your stuff?”

“I can’t see from over here,” says the guy.

I wanted to say, hang on just a moment, I’ll draw you a picture of the contents of the locker to see if you recognise it, or better still wait until I get my phone and I’ll take you a photo, but I don’t.

“Would you like to come over here and have a look,” says the life guard. The first moment that I hear his tone come off the cheery tone he has been using up until this point.

I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat at Sam, by this stage. Sam gives me a nudge and gestures for us to leave the change room. I want to stay and see it out to the end, but Sam gives me his cross eyes. We proceed to leave the change room.

Einstein is gazing into the locker with an open mouth. “Um, er, I don’t think my back pack has any red on it.”

How many lockers to go, I think?

I give Sam big eyes and raise my hands in the air as if to say, Can you believe this guy? Sam pushes me, and we leave the change room.

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