Friday, June 22, 2018

The Future Looks Bright

We ate Sloppy Joes for lunch. We sat looking out the window and ate. Two strapping young men walked up in hiviz, they looked like they might be in construction. Shorts. Thighs like tree-trunks. Arses on them off which you could bounce tennis balls. 

Something caught their eye and they decided to eat at Sloppy Joes, too. They sat outside on the tables on the footpath.

The thing about the two of them was that one was a blond Caucasian, and one was black African, and they looked so cute together, such a contrast. They were both straight, I assume. (I, of course, instantly thought of them as boyfriends, but that is just me.) They looked very straight. Work buddies looking for lunch. Lots of new black Australians, changing society, and soon we’ll all be friends, just like that. (That is kind of a naff thing to say, I guess, but it is what I thought) That is the future, I thought. Thank the universe for the future.

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