Sunday, June 24, 2018

Let's Deport the Racists

There was a helicopter hovering overhead, annoyingly. Previously, it has been the traffic helicopter which is beyond annoying. But, being Sunday, I couldn’t see anyone checking the traffic.

We walked into town. There were police everywhere. There seemed to be some sort of protest going on. We found out later it was right wing racists marching through the streets.

It is really sad to see that racists feel emboldened to walk the streets of Melbourne in broad daylight today. The True Blue bunch of cunts, or whatever these sad, hateful twats call themselves. Once, not so long ago, there would be shame involved in admitting your hateful beliefs in public. Let’s send the racists back to whatever country their grandparents/great grandparents/however far back you have to go, came from. We don’t need them here. Australia would be a better place without them.

We could take in equal numbers of refugees to replace them, you know, people who would appreciate living in this country without spreading hate.

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