Saturday, June 23, 2018

Gone Swimming

We went swimming at midday, our new exercise routine, now that Sam has learned to swim. Yay for Sam. We drove to the Leisure Centre. We haven’t managed to walk there yet, as we thought we might. Or ride our bikes, for that matter. We used 2 more of our discounted swim vouchers. Those discount vouchers disappearing off what we have left is encouragement to keep going. If that makes sense.

There was nobody worth looking at in the change room, very disappointing that. There never is, not that I go there for that. I only mention it because the men in the change room are so not worth looking at. I’d pay money not to see them naked.

The staff, on the other hand, are another matter, like that would come as a surprise to anyone. The lifeguard who looks like he has a permanent hardon comes to mind. And the swim instructor, almost makes me want to take up swim lessons again.

We swam laps. 25 metre is doable. I can do two laps without stopping now. Pretty good, huh? Oh, come on, not bad.

I went to the toilet about halfway through. I accidentally walked into the girl’s change rooms, again. Oh, I had on my goggles obscuring my sigt. Luckily for me, the entrance to the change rooms heads off to the left, and not to the right as in the men’s change rooms, so I do pick it up very quickly and haven’t actually gone in. Lucky for me. But it is the second time I have done it. If there were cameras, I might get put on the Leisure centre’s Sex Offenders Register. Ha ha.

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