Friday, June 29, 2018

Customer Service 21st Century Style

I called the photo people who are converting my old videos to digital. I called them after lunch. I was pretty excited to see these videos, as you can imagine.

I called them a week after I dropped them off, because they told me they should be ready in a week, only to be told they would never have told me that, as it takes at least a week and a half.

“Don’t worry, we will call you when they are ready.”

I hadn’t heard from them, so, I wait until Friday, which gave them two weeks, before I called again.

“Oh, we tried to call you on Monday, but couldn’t get through,” was the answer.

So, you tried to contact me on Monday and now it is Friday, and you didn’t try again? Is that really the best you could do? I thought. 

(Am I just turning into a whiner? I don't know? So many things to complain about, though, in this new technological age? It is promised that it is the consumers world, not something I have found to be true personally. But, eventually, I just have to look up and smile and think, I don't have any complaints with the world, because that is all you can do. Look at the bigger picture, and all the useless arses get away with their ineptitude, because that is the way of the world. But I digress..)

Is that customer service of today? They couldn’t get through, so it was up to me four days later to contact them, and this is after they said that I should wait for them to contact me. Whatever? They were ready and I headed off to pick them up.

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