Monday, June 18, 2018

Nearly An Oops Moment

I ate muesli and drank coffee and I was ready to leave for work at 7.45am. I like to get to work early, so I can leave early in the afternoon. It is nice to clear out of the CBD before every moron and his dog sets off for home.

Too much contact with the GP just makes me hate them more. Ha ha.

I thought at the last minute that I’d send my poems for the last 2 years to my work email address so I could print them on the work printer, they are always nice to read on the printed page. So, I decided to return send the email on which I sent my contract home, as I couldn’t remember my work email, it was just easier that way. So, I was rushing, as I wanted to get out the door and get going. I was pushing down on my mouse button, when I noticed I was cc’ing in the HR manager who sent me my contract in the very beginning. 😬 

I threw my mouse across the coffee table in an effort to stop the email from sending. How it didn’t send, I don’t know, as I had pushed send. There must have been a millisecond in it.

Oh, could you imagine?

I may have been able to talk my way out of it. “I had my night class and my printer at home was broken.” Except, I’m new and the file was 75 pages.

I could have said that I wanted to read them on the screen at lunch time. Like you do with 75 pages.

Oh, it wouldn’t have really mattered, not really, but it was better that it didn’t happen.

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