Monday, July 10, 2017

All The Things You Are Going To Do When You Have The Time?

Sam kissed me good bye, I was still asleep. I opened one eye. My hand waved from under the doona

I sat up in bed, got my laptop and read the news. Nice and warm and comfy. What is going on in the world, I half-heartedly tune into the world psycho drama. What is your tale of woe today?

8.15am, listened to Mitch’s morning explosion, as he always gets up late and then he charges from his bedroom to the bathroom, then he charges back to his bedroom, irons a shirt and charges out the door.

Ah the good old days, I think, as the front door bangs shut.

Sam sent me a list of directives, all the things he thinks a I should do.


Have you feed him (Buddy)? – Sam

don’t forget to do washing including the socks – Sam

yes, honey – Christian

we need to change our towels too. Check what’s in the study room big basket, if it’s nothing important, why don’t move the basket into the storage shed, now that we have it – Sam

I think the stuff in the basket is stuff we want to donate – Sam

Bevmark just called, will arrive between 10-12 10/7/17 – Sam

Okay, honey – Christian

I read all the news. When I found myself watching Donald Trump’s meanest moments on Youtube, I knew it was time I got up.

I don’t care about Donald Trump. I don’t care about Kim Jong-Un. The Gulf war, the Iraqi war, I would never have known about them, if they hadn’t been eagerly rammed down my throat by the world’s press in the chase for ratings.

I made coffee and muesli and listened to a Bette Davis history on Youtube. I have 5 new Bette Davis films coming, I can’t wait. Funny the stages you go through, it’s Bette Davis at the moment. Sometimes it is the Rolling Stones, sometimes it is Bette Davis, sometimes it is writing, sometimes it is reading fiction, and soon it will be miniature golf.

All the things you are going to do when you have the time? I’m sure it is the not-having-the-time that makes all those things look so attractive. When I have the time, I let the days drift, all the time in the world, I’m sure it will be Friday again in no time, and I still won’t have got anything done.

We are a perpendicular lot. Or is that just me?

This was my time to get stoned with abandon and to write something. Sam seems to have messed that up. Still, I’m sure there is plenty of time.

Speaking of plenty of time, my dad died at the age of 71, if I died at the same age, I have 15 years left. Plenty of time?

The new bed arrived at 10am, delivered by a very handsome wog boy. (I’m allowed to say that, as I once had an Italian boyfriend, and I have a lot of Italian and Greek friends)


let me know when the bed frame arrives – Sam

it arrived – Christian

big? Where’s it? – Sam

in the front hallway – Christian

heavy? – Sam

heavier than Buddy, but lighter than the Peugeot – Christian

I SEE. you think you been funny – Sam

Well, what do you mean, is it heavy? – Christian

do you think we can carry it to our room? – Sam

yes – Christian

manageable module? – Sam

I’ve carried some of it upstairs already – Christian

Lovely. just don’t hurt yourself. And don’t smash into furniture – Sam

Yes, honey – Christian

are you happy with the colour? – Sam

I haven’t opened the box – Christian

open it, have a peak – Sam

I thought we could carry it upstairs first – Christian

Ok – Sam

has the brick man come? – Sam

this arvo – Christian

we should go out for lunch today – Sam

okay, honey – Christian

The sun shone, the sky was blue, with Simpson’s clouds, even if you wouldn’t exactly call the day summery.

We went out for lunch at midday.

I looked through Cash Converters CDs. I bought Bette Midler’s, Experience the Divine, to get Wind Beneath My Wings, and the song she sang on the last Johnny Carson show. I can add those 2 tracks to one of her other albums I have on iTunes as bonus tracks and then discard the CD. For $1, why not. And I bought David Archuleta’s first CD because he was so cute on the cover. Adorable. (Google his first CD cover and see if I am right) You’ve got to love $1 CDs. I bought three seasons of Will and Grace and I bought season 4, one of the two missing seasons, of Weeds. I was happy with that.

I bought sausages at Woolworths for dinner.

Marked Woman and Little Foxes arrived. I have never seen either. Very excited.

Jill called late in the afternoon from Queensland, she told me her new wooden floors had buckled while the tenants, who have just moved out, lived there. Everybody is blaming everybody else, the builder is blaming the floor people, the floor people are blaming the tenants, the insurance company is blaming the plumber, and the plumber is blaming the tenants, and as Jill says, she can already see that the buck is going to stop with her, like a case of financial musical chairs. And Tony Abbot wanted to cut red tape for business, business that will lie and cheat anybody whenever they get a chance to pass the buck.

We’re supposed to be going up there in the first week of August, but Sam isn’t keen, he doesn’t have any more leave, as he exhausted it all with our trip overseas, not even for 2 days either side of a weekend.

And I have another skin cancer on my face that has to be cut out. It is me and Hugh Jackman and our basal cell carcinomas together. I’m going to see the plastic surgeon on the 19th of this month. I’m not sure I want to be visiting Queensland with a huge bandage on my face. Of course, Mark Iceman, Jill’s brother in law, is up there now with terminal Lymphoma, but what the hell.

But we have already told Jill that we will, oh, she will be disappointed. She will argue the point. Oh, that will be a pain. Jill can be spoilt and not understanding if she isn’t getting her way.

Sam came home at 4.30pm and we took Buddy to the dog park.

Sam and I set up the new bed. It is too big for our bedroom, it was a mistake, I could see that before we’d even finished setting it up. You see, we always only had a mattress and a bed base before, and now we have a bed head and a bed end, which are much bigger in the room. Oh, I guess I’ll get used to it. I hope.

I cut up some of the cardboard boxes, the bed and the garden storage shed had been delivered in, ready to slip it into the shops, on the main street, recycle bin tonight after they put it out. I figure, as long as I only put stuff in it after they have clearly finished putting their waste in it, what does it matter. I’m sure they aren’t paying by weight, or even volume, I assume they are paying by bin empty. The soft white padding that was around the bed head and bed end I wrapped up into balls and I walked to the bin on the corner of our street and slipped it in. (Well, it’s a bin and its public)

I waited until the shops had packed up and gone home, when the light had been turned off in the kitchen, and all was in darkness, then I sneaked cardboard into their large recycle bin. I only got a small portion of the cardboard into their bin before I couldn’t close the lid. What with the garden storage and the new bed, I still have a shit load of cardboard to get rid of. I hoped there weren’t any rules about the bin being too full so as not to allow the lid to close, as I scampered back to my house in the dark.

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