Sunday, July 02, 2017


Sunday is cleaning day, of course.

The new TV came in a great big box, what the fuck do you do with them? I'd ripped up the box and started putting it into our recycled bin, but then I realised shops around the corner their recycled bins hadn’t been collected, and as they sit in our street for an inordinate amount of time, I figured they could do their bit, so I slipped the rest of the box into their recycle bins. They were half empty and just waiting to be collected, so it is no like I put any of the businesses out, or anything. And in no time the mountain of packaging was cleaned away. It almost seems like an environmentally friendly way to deal with garbage, you know, no more energy had to be expelled to clean things up.

I got the last of my mum’s furniture, a few weeks ago, two dining room tables and 16 dining room chairs. I told my sister I wanted the dining room table and chairs and she thought I meant both dining room tables and chairs. My mum had got the second setting from my great aunt when she died and couldn’t bear to part with them, but she had a much bigger house than I have. I had to take 8 dining room chairs to the Op-Shop, what else could I do? Lottie would have been so disappointed in that decision. I took the two tables and 8 chairs, fortunately, one of the tables is drop-sided. Somehow, we managed to squeeze them all in.

We rearranged everything today. It was kind of fun, you know, changing stuff around. How many of our houses don’t change at all in decades? I like the change around.

The new TV is great, I have to admit.

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