Monday, July 03, 2017

Monday Again

I woke up with Buddy stretched out next to me.

Sam got out of the shower and said to bring Buddy downstairs, which I did. I’m sure Sam was just making sure that I got out of bed, not Buddy.

Sam left at 8am.

I pissed around online all morning. I didn’t write my blog, as I planned to. Get back into writing, I’ve been telling myself. I haven’t been doing very much since I got back from overseas. I was planning to do so much, be so disciplined. Ah, the best laid plans.

It was cold. It rained.

I lit the fire to warm the room.

I headed out to pay some bills. Afterwards, I looked in all the op shops at the second-hand CDs. The op shops that charge $2 and $3 don’t get my business. So, I headed to Cash Converters for any $1 bargains. I have bought so many CDs at Cash Converters, CDs that I once had, that I have lent to people, and that I have never bothered to replace.

I load them into iTunes and then I never have to play the CD again. (One day I’ll have to box them all up and take them to the Op-Shop)

I got Santana’s Ultimate Collection, which I combined with my existing greatest hits double cd to update it to circa 2010s. I took the cover and added Deluxe right across the front of it. I love digital music, more fun than making mixed tapes as a kid. $1 and my Santana collection is updated, you’ve got to love that. And on the new Ultimate Collection the tracks have been remastered, so I replaced the old versions I already had for the remastered versions, and my big, if you like, mixed-tape of Santana’s greatest hits is modernised.

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