Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Make The Porridge This Morning

I made the porridge this morning, Sam left me with it when he went back upstairs to have a shower, kind of dared me to make it. Do you know how, was the look I got as he exited the kitchen? I’ll show you how, was my next thought. 1 cup of oats, 2 cups of water, I’m sure that is it? Must commit that to memory. I guess it is already committed to memory, I think. I chuckle… So, there were lots of sultanas... cinnamon, stewed apple and maple syrup, with a milk sauce. My speciality, all those oaty, caramely flavours.

It was just a normal kind of day after that. I smoked pot, ate big pieces of sour dough bread with apricot jam. I sneaked a small tub of peanut butter ice cream, it was on special, when I went to buy pies at the supermarket for lunch, which we didn’t eat. We went out for Pad Thai. I, initially, left half the tub of peanut butter ice cream for Sam, but I ate the rest of it in the afternoon, as I dozed on the couch listening to music. I threw the empty container into the recycle bin, cavalierly, thinking Sam will never look in there, why would he? I stayed indoors. I ordered the DVD, The Star, online. Can't wait for that to arrive.

We took Buddy to the dog park. Brad was there with Martin. (who else is Brad going to be with at the park?) It was cold. We didn’t stay too long. We took the short trip home. It was starting to rain, which wasn’t nice.

We ate snow peas and tofu and egg for dinner.

I fell asleep on the couch. Comfy couch. Big, black cushion.

Sam wakes me at 10.10pm and tells me to go to bed. I am very groggy.

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