Tuesday, July 04, 2017

And Then it was Tuesday

I woke up with Buddy snoring in my ear. Sam entered the room milliseconds after I’d opened my eyes.

“Get up, take him downstairs and feed him.”

I looked over at Buddy, he licked my face.

“I’m going,” said Sam.

“Is it 8am already?”

“Yep.” And he was gone.

I made coffee and opened my laptop.

Get to your blog today, he says to himself.

Write them a narrative, give them something to read, that is what people like, I know that. That is what I was going to do today, but I ended up pissing around on-line all day to day again. YouTube is a killer, so easy to get distracted.

We ate stir fired noodles leftovers for lunch.

I lit a fire in the afternoon.

Write my blog? Yes. No. Do it. Oh? I gave in and wanted to watch an old Bette Davis movie. But the new teli? How does it work? Bugger it! I can do it. I have an IQ of 140, surely, I can play a DVD. So, I slid the dvd into the player. And… it all worked automatically and in no time the screen was up on the TV which wanted me to press play. That is all I had to do. Press play. Easy. So, I got the controller – we play all our dvds through a PS4. I knew the X worked the thing, so I hit the X… and… nothing. Nothing? Damn! I hit it again. Still nothing. You know, often I am hesitant and I don’t push buttons if I am unsure, but, screw it. The alternative was admit to Sam I failed. I hit every button. And nothing. Damn again! I’d done everything right and nothing happened? It didn’t work. Bugger! So, I googled it, but it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already. I pushed all the buttons again. And… nothing. There was nothing for it but to message Sam. Damn! I don’t want to admit my technology failures to him. I took a photo of the TV and sent it with me request.

“Have you turned on the controller?” was his reply. Damn! Turn on the controller. So, simple. Bugger it! Fancy giving it away like that. Stumbled at the finish line. Grrrr! Turn the fucking thing on. Who ever turns on a remote?

“Duh!” came Sam’s final message.

I watched the Bride Came COD. It was great, despite it being black and white, it looked modern on the new teli.

I have to say, the old black and whites look great on a high definition TV. They've never looked better. I’m glad we got the new TV.

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