Friday, July 07, 2017

Don't Put Walnuts in Your Muesli

I dreamt I was in a group, some may say workshop, sheltered, or otherwise, and we were gluing together CD covers, the inserts, the booklets, for a record label, with layers and layers of coloured cardboard, mine was really cool, it was called... "Good bye, I'm going now." I felt warm lips on mine. My eyes cracked open, Sam was looking down at me. He was upside down. Mine was called... nah, gone.

"Oh, is it 8am?" I hear my croaky voice say. The last thing I remember was getting up for a piss at 5am.
"I was dreaming..."
"I've got to go." He blew kisses from the door and then the door closed behind him.

I was very comfortable, wrapped up in the doonas. Buddy has slept with us the last few days, but he slept in his kennel last night. I wanted him to snuggle up to. 

I leapt out of bed. I tip-toed across the cold bedroom, almost regretting it immediately. "Oo, ah." I grabbed my phone and leapt back into bed.

You could bring me my bulldog, I text to Sam.
And coffee.
My two favourite things.
That would be lovely.
Just like you.
Oh, and lip balm.
My lips have been sore the last few weeks, I don't know why.

I pulled the doona up around my neck and thought, What are you like?

Silence. That time after you wake up and before you get up, that is the best time of the day. You know it can't last, so you savour every last second of it. I could hear no footsteps coming back up the stairs, but, I also hadn't heard the front door open and close. It was very quiet, which was a good sign, in my favour.

The bed warmed me like freshly cook toast. I may have drifted back to sleep just a little.

Then the bedroom door opened. "Pst." I craned my head over the lump of bedding that was around my neck. Sam held a coffee cup in the air, then he placed it down on the bedside table. I made wide eyes in appreciation, with just a slight questioning after tone as if to say, lovely, and the rest of my request? Sam made a big hand gesture which his eyes followed out the bedroom door. We were both still for a moment, as the sound of claws clacking on floorboards came into ear shot. "Your bulldog sir," said Sam, as Buddy's face came through the doorway. We both watched Buddy's unhurried progress from the door to the edge of the bed. Herumph! Buddy leapt up onto the bed. He padded around the bed and sat next to me. I looked from Buddy to Sam and smiled.

"Oh." Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out the small tub of Blistex and tossed it onto the bed next to me.
"Lovely," I said.
"I trust sir is well pleased," said Sam.
"Well pleased," I said.
Sam kissed me on the head and left the room.

Oh, come on, I do lots of lovely things for Sam, don't you worry about that.

I make my own muesli, usually two big containers at a time. I like muesli for breakfast, but who can trust the manufacturers with their added sugar, you know the dreaded 'sweet spot' they talk about, so I make my own. I tend to put in what is on special, but generally that would include sultanas, pepitas, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, and cranberries. Sometimes, I put nuts into it, but as I can't eat almonds, generally I put in pistachios. This batch walnuts were on special, so I put them in. Don't do that. They appear to be too strong and all I can taste are walnuts, they have kind of overpowered the taste of my muesli. Damn. 

Anyway, it is now 9am and its time for another coffee and Mildred Pierce.

Life is good.

Sam messages me to tell me my five new dvds have been dispatched. It's going to be a busy week next week, I think.

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