Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Slag with Fish Oil

A slag is a slut with who even your mates wouldn't sleep, that's what I learned reading the news this morning.

Jonathan Pie is having language problems in LA.
The camera operator asks him what a slag is?
"A slag?" Jonathan Pie responds. "Like a ropey slut."

Like a ropey slut? A boy who would let anyone fuck him, in 1990, is a slut. A boy who’d let anyone fuck him bareback, in 1990, is a slag. That’s the closest I can get.

Sam, Buddy and I take our fish oil off the same spoon, in the mornings. Liquid fish oil.

Buddy, as you can well imagine, goes last.

The washing machine is being delivered, hopefully today, Appliances OnLine. They'll take the old machine away too. Sam price matched some shop that had it on sale.

I don't have to go to the shop, twiddle the dials, and pretend anything, all the time thinking they all look alike. With some fading debutante, who is grimly hanging on to his/her jobs in these hard times... smiling the whole time. Thursday.

"Would you like the extended warranty with that?" I always voice that character with Paul Lynde's voice. YouTube him, if you don't know who he is.

Then I watched Paul Lynde on YouTube.

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