Tuesday, April 04, 2017

New Glasses

I decided that I should go have my eyes tested before we go overseas next month. So, we headed into the city and ate lunch, of course, first things first, gotta get your priorities in order. We ate curried soup, in the Target Arcade, which was lovely. Then we set off to find an optician. 

"Where to go?" I asked Sam.
He rattled off some names of glasses shops. We were in Lonsdale Street, by that stage, so we headed to QV.

Sam steered us into Big W to start the negotiations. The optician in Big W was so lovely and there was no one waiting, so I was in the room in seconds, lights off, chart up, 
"Cover one eye and tell me what you can read on the chart on the wall?"

So I covered one eye and looked at the chart. "I can't read anything." I was shocked, to tell you the truth, even though I had a suspicion there was a problem, I didn't think it was that?

"Cover your other eye and tell me what you can read?"

I could read everything on the chart with the other eye. That made me feel better, some what. So, good eye, bad eye.

So, naturally, I got new glasses, multifocal lens, for reading and distance, which I will now wear permanently. Does that mean I am getting old? At least I won’t have to say, “Wait until I get my glasses,” any more, when I get a text, or have to read a menu, or, grimace, when I try to read the TV guide on the Tv screen. 

Full time glasses are a thing to make you think. They are different to just having reading glasses, that is kind of only a minor change, where this is now a permanent thing. A new phase.

I get them in a week, or so. Ten days. And funnily enough, I'm kind of excited, looking forward to getting them, to put them through their paces, to get used to them, to grow into them and adjust and be adjusted back to 20 20 perfection. What will I learn that I didn't know? What will I see that I didn't realise that I couldn't see?

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