Monday, April 03, 2017

Head Phones

All the time I have put into deciding what ear my headphones go into, L & R, those annoying little white things, and Sam lets me in on a little fact, only this morning, they won't fit into the wrong ears.


Of course, Sam thought it was exceedingly funny, remember Sam was really keen for me to paying $220 for the brand new, 21st Century cordless headphones that Apple have just released.

He watched me this morning struggling to get the cords untangled and to workout which ear plug had the R on it for right ear. The R is small and the light was low. He thought it was very funny. Stupid me for letting him catch that. Damn!

"Told You So," he said.
"You, shut up."

Now he feels like he has another shot in his armoury for getting me to buy the cordless models. I'm still not sure why he is so keen for me to have the cordless headphones, apart from him thinking they are pretty good, that still seems a little vague. I think, it is just because he likes to keep up to date and now, clearly, he thinks I should keep up to date too.

Oh, stupid me for letting him see me with my tangled white cords.

Sam likes the cordless headphones, and I find the cords on mine get caught on everything, it is just the price that is stopping me. Maybe, I'm more of a tight arse than is good for me.

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