Thursday, April 20, 2017


I haven't got used to the idea that I wear glasses yet. I haven't done the mental mind shift, I can feel it. I keep taking them off. And I am still slightly surprised that they are, actually, my glasses. Funny how the brain works. 

I don't even like them very much, although they do make everything clearer, I have to admit. And I don't have to reach for reading glasses any more. So, I suppose that is good. No, it is good.

I guess, I am still getting used to them.

I have to admit, I can see Buddy's pooh amongst the mulch now when I'm down the back of the garden with a spade digging it up and putting it in the rubbish bin.

The pot is all gone. Sam won't let me get any more.

"Do you know how boring it is when you look at me bozz-eyed just after dinner, and then fall asleep on the couch for the rest of the evening?"

And I can see how boring that is. But, I like being stoned. Grrrrr! And I'm on holidays, essentially. And it makes me more creative, its true. Well, maybe not more creative, but it is easier, I can focus on writing on let the rest of the world fade away.

I'm puffing through the ciggies today, but I'll quit them tomorrow.

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