Monday, April 10, 2017

Magic Cloth and a Rubberband

Sam left at 8am.
I had a smoke as soon as he left.
I got a text telling me not to, just as I was lighting it.
I put a magic cloth over the camera with a rubber band to secure it.

Sam was not pleased with that turn of events. Many messages were sent.

Midday. Sam comes home and takes the cover off the camera.

We eat leftover stir fry veg. It's nice.

Sam has done all of the research on the new washing machine. A plan has been put in place. Tomorrow morning, we will go to the white goods shops in person, just in case there is some good deal to be had in store.

Sam went back to work.

I put the cloth back over the camera, securing it with a rubber band. Well? Sam just left it on the kitchen bench, with the rubber band back in the rubber band jar, all I had to do was put it back.

Many messages, about the said cover, were then dispatched. Like scatter fire from the bridge of the Enterprise.

The new washing machine gets delivered tomorrow. 

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