Friday, April 14, 2017

Ah, to be a Tranquil Goat Herder

Half of the problem of the world are the terrible things done by self-interested border-line criminals now in charge of certain countries.

The other half of the problem are the news agencies battling for rating, orgasmically bring us the latest tragedy in full glorious technicolour.

I envy the tranquil goat herder on a mountain somewhere completely oblivious.

How come we globalise terror, (because it sells bombs and guns and adds to the GDP of any number of countries), but we don't globalise humanitarian work? (Because we are better off without the world’s poor, who aren’t an economic contributor to the world’s economy.) 
I think, as I drive out to Guido's.
Sam wasn't too upset, matter of a fact, he hardly said anything.

The mosque was quiet on Bird Road, Broady. Yeah off to the Broady compound. So far west that the block over the road is paddocks, over which the long afternoon sun shines. So clearly Easter isn’t a big deal to the Muslims. I know, I know Easter is Christian, but aren’t they just different points of view of the same story? Probably the result of illiteracy, if the truth be known. “Ay? What you say?” says the toothless old scribe. I’m surprise, aren’t they all the same faiths, the Abrahamic faiths? There must be a birth myth and a death myth in Islam, a flood and a virgin birth too, isn’t that the formula? These are religions created on the same myth paradigm. 

Later... Coconut juice in front of the TV. The Project. I reckon Lehmo would have a big cock. He just looks as though he would have a big sausage, you know. Thick, worth a squeeze, you know, if you were in the same change rooms, and it was suddenly, out in front of you. Sometimes you can’t help those things.

Some time later we watched Fantastical Beasts And Where To Find Them, load of bollocks. I ha
d trouble understanding any of it. Was their a story? Or just some ponce leaping about amongst CGI.

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