Sunday, April 02, 2017

Cleaning Day, Sunday

Oh, stupid me! I really didn't think I got up that early this morning. Sitting here first thing with my first coffee, I glanced at the clock and it said 6 something. Really? 6 something? I'm sure that wasn't the time on the bedside clock when I glanced at it when I got up. Of course, I was bleary-eyed and just waking up and sucking in the morning air, so I could have got it wrong, at that moment, but I was sure it wasn't that early. I thought it was light outside? Oh well, shrug.

Sip of the coffee.

I didn't think about it again until later when Sam was supervising my house cleaning, threatening me with physical abuse if I stopped cleaning. Oh, I guess, I shouldn't say that, with the problem of domestic violence now a days. I don't get that at all. At the very least, I guess, it means there is a barely concealed underbelly of people who are really unhappy in society. I'm not really sure what it means after that? Other than, how could you live that way? How could you commit physical violence against your partner and then go on living with them? Wouldn't that be as crushing for the perpetrator, as well as the recipient? How could I do that to the person I love and still go on living? And living with them?

Sam was supervising my cleaning like a gestapo general that he is, "Dere, Dere, ANT DERE!" when he said something about it being something around 9am...

What? How can it still be 9am? How can it be that early? I've been up for... how many hours have I been up for? Oh? Then it dawned. Of course, of course, daylights savings? You don't even have to think about time changes any longer, of course. It is good, but it has its downsides as well. We don't have to think any more. And we all know when we are dealing with the general public now a days, thinking is becoming quite optional. I'm sure, as a species, it is not good for us. Well, we all know it isn't good for us, it leads to Trump and Brexit and Poisonous Pauline. And a race of The Borg all staring down at their phones desperately hunting for the next order.

So, that got the kitchen cleaned, the stove degreased, the coffee machine cleaned, the dusting done, the house vacuumed, the pond filled, the back yard swept and the plants watered... nails filed, that is Sam, not me. It all culminated in Sam, Buddy and I sitting on the kitchen floor taking our daily dose of fish oil, all off the same spoon. Me and Sam first, you understand. As much as I love Buddy, I'm not going third on the fish oil spoon.

Now it is sushi in Smith Street for lunch. Everybody in the shower. I'm getting hungry.

I have 2 days left of work, my contract finishes on Tuesday. That went quick. It's 3 months later. Time goes fast, zzzzpppp, it is flying away.

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