Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Something nice, that happened

We took the dogs to the dog park, first time in the park in the afternoon in weeks. There weren’t any other dogs there. We went to Woollies afterwards. I was standing out the back with Buddy and Bear, while Sam shopped. Both of them sitting in front of me, side by side. An older lady walked up (name of street) Street towards me, in grey woollen slacks, and a maroon twinset and pearls, under the huge Plane Trees. Just as she was about to turn the Woollies corner into the supermarket, she stopped, threw both her hands out in the air. “It’s… Great… Britain...” she announced.

I laughed, I guess it was, a British Bulldog and a Corgi. I immediately thought of the Queen and Winston Churchill and the Union Jack.

“Yes,” I said. “I guess it is.” I hadn’t thought that before, oddly, I thought. I usually think of those things.

She grinned. And then she did that thing that older women sometimes do, where they shoot a hand out in front of themselves, rotating it quickly, like a game show host, sometimes clicking their flingers. Big smile, occasionally even a wink. The physical embodiment of, ‘What Fun’.

I looked at the two dogs with their red tongues hanging out, oblivious, and smiled.

She spun on her heel, shopping to be done.

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