Friday, March 23, 2018

Back On The Horse...

I started exercising today, I think, for the first time this year. I went for an hours walk listening to U2. Oh, what a lazy arse I have been. I find it hard to regain my routine once it has been disrupted, shamefully, by Xmas. 

Yes, I know how long that has been.

Anyway, it was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the sky was blue.

I read somewhere recently, that men (the article was about men in lycra) who ride bikes age slower and stay youthful for longer than men who don't. So, that was what prompted me to move my sorry arse today.

Oh yes, and David. He called me last week and he heard me smoking. "What the fuck are you doing?" he said.

"What?" Momentarily, I had no idea what I was doing.

"I can hear you smoking?"

"Oh... no... I'm..."

"Is this still your Xmas smoking?"

"Um... er..."

"Do you know what date it is?"

"Yes, um..."

"Is it going to take Sam and I sitting on either side of your hospital bed..."

So, I stopped my Xmas smoking last Friday, and I started my exercise this Friday, today.

Better late than never, hey? As they say.

I always feel better when I exercise. Healthy, Fitter. Happier. I really do. So, why does it take so much energy to do it. Mental energy, more so than physical energy. 

I have to aim for 9am every morning. Start with walking and graduate to bike riding again very soon after that. I prefer walking, walking is bliss, but riding is better exercise, I think.

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