Monday, March 05, 2018


I sorted my mixed tape [an iTunes collection] of Cher in respect to her coming to Australia and singing her arse off. Oh, I have an old pile of Cher CDs, but generally I am not a Cher fan, so I have just been putting it off.

So, I figured, if she could drag her 71 year old arse halfway across the world to entertain the troops, I could put in a couple of hours sorting her tunes. (pot helps)

Editing out all the songs I would never want to hear again. Then deleting any with dated arrangements, even if they are a good vocal, the arrangements still have to be timeless, and not of a time. Unless, of course, you are doing something specific like disco, which I am not.

So, I sorted through all the Cher CDs, which have been left hear by a ragtag group of friends and lovers and she did alright, sixteen tracks that I reckon I could listen to again. That was more than I was giving her credit for, before I began.

She's got a great voice, that is not in question, some of her stuff is dated though now. I called it All or Nothing and I got some Banksy street cred artwork for the cover.

I think it makes me able to like an artist more easily, if all those tracks that jar are taken out, it makes the artist's music better.

Sam doesn't think I have enough to do with my days. I know. Rude.

I wrote all afternoon. (pot helps)

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