Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something in the... um... er... air

David came over last night, after having dinner with Shane and Tulli. David was supposed to be moving in with me at the end of February, after Shane vacates the premisses. It was going to be good, I was looking forward to it. David's pathological, spiritual positivity some how balances out my dark cynicism kind of nicely. 

David has a new man in his life, Mike. They have only known each other for two months. Mike is in the ooky spooky business also, well, of course he is. The voodoo of the new age spirituality. Mike seems quite nice, even if he has a habit of giving the minutest of details in conversations until your eyes glaze over and you start to nod off.

David came over to tell me that he is now moving in with Mike, they are getting a house together, some where in the northern suburbs. They have already started house hunting, apparently. They met last November. So, okay, good for them for being spontaneous and free, I guess? Good for them for knowing their own minds so quickly and acting accordingly, I'd like to say. Let's face it, it is not the end of the world if it doesn't work, they can just pick up their spotted hankies, throw their sticks over their shoulders and move on.

One thing I would like to add at this point, is that David is a complete and utter disaster, historically, when it comes to relationships. I joke about the next thing I'm going to say with him and that is that, usually, pretty soon into the relationship "the boyfriend" will commit an unforgivable sin, after which David will turn into a spoilt brat and the affair comes to an abrupt end, over, no correspondence and all that.

So, good for David for being brave, that's what I say. He's talking about marriage and children, naturally. So giddy with positive energy that he is. Ah! We all clasp hands and wiggle our toes and shriek in joy. "Ah!"

And Shane has quit his job of 15 years and is giving up everything he knows and moving to London with Tulli, who he has only know for 6 months, with who he has only lived in the same city for 4 weeks, something like 8 weeks by the time they depart Australia.

So there you go, the heart wins over logic. Happy couples desperate keen to be happy couples Maybe I am just too, um, cautious, er, sensible stuck in my ways?

All I see is gay divorce, I'll keep you posted.

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