Friday, July 31, 2020

Lying To Get Into Queensland (Yeah, I know, that in itself...)

You have these two pneumatic lipped dreamboats lying to get home to Queensland and we are all collectively shocked, and we play the pile on game in chastising them. 

But, you know, we have a Prime Minister who makes his living out of lying to the public. “No, I didn’t cut and cut and cut funding to Aged Care to create the mess we are now in.”

You have Tony Abbott lying directly to camera, what was it, “There will be no cuts to Medicare, Education, the ABC, and SBS.”

Did we ever find John Howard’s weapons of mass destruction? (Other than his policies) And let's not forget John Howard very conveniently separated out his lies from his, er, not lies with his core and non core promise definitions.

There are the Murdoch Newspapers that are so criminally biased it is not a stretch to claim that no lie is effectively beyond them to push the old man’s conservative agenda.

Sky News where they will forcefully lie to push their conservative ideas onto the public. What was it, Peta Cretin yapped on about recently? The Muslim Sudanese completely ignoring social distancing to celebrate Ramadan, therefore picking up a few old punching bags of the conservatives, the problem being that the Sudanese typically are Christian and do not celebrate Ramadan.

All these authority figures continually telling lies to further their careers, and we’re all shocked when two 19 year olds follow suit. Shocked, really? They’ve learned from experts.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Liberal Party Economics

The Federal Australian Budget

So, the budget? What did our fat boy treasure say? He invoked the spectre of the king and queen of darkness, Regan and Thatcher. He reaffirmed his belief in the much debunked theory of trickle down economics, a theory that arguably has destroyed the world as we know it. And then the well fed fool went on to laughably trot out that ridiculous conservative cliché of "nothing" that Australian’s should go ahead and have more babies, which is not only, well, pathetic, it is downright dangerous in a massively over populated planet. All of this proving once and for all that this dimwit, and this government, has absolutely nothing to say, nor any sort of plan, or, in fact, any ideas, for that matter, to lead Australia out of the current recession.

Oh, that’s right, sorry, they do have a plan, they want to give tax cuts to the wealthy even earlier than they originally planned.

Boy, did Australian’s get the last election wrong. Or was that, the Murdoch press got it so right?

I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, as we will all be dead from climate change in 10 years anyway. The Australian Liberal Party has also seen to that with not only having no policies to combat climate change, but they have the dubious honour of being the only western government to repeal laws designed to fight climate change.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

My hands are getting really sore from all this washing from the big virus that is fucking up our lives. The backs of my hands feel like old crinkly brown paper bags. I can't believe my hands actually hurt. I have never used moisturising lotion on my hands before, but now it is a daily event.
There is a French crepe shop near me that sells delicious crepes, which I love, but they do look like they are made from old brown paper, and they are what I think of as I rub the moisturiser into my hands nightly.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Yeah Good Onya Coming Around A Blind Corner On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Mid morning, I went for a bike ride. I have been walking these last few days, and I’ve had new bike riding gloves for days to try out, and all. 

I've lost 5 kilos in lockdown, and I want to lose another 5 kilos.

Now, with the lockdown, you are not supposed to exercise outside of your suburb, and I ride through Carlton to North Melbourne. But, I don’t get my heart rate up in the same way just by walking and therefore I won’t lose the weight walking, so I headed off on my bike. And besides, I don’t stop and talk to anyone, I don’t come anywhere near 1.5 metres proximity of anyone. It is an hour of social distancing in plain sight.

I’m not sure if riding a bike is the same as jogging as far as masks are concerned, I think it is. I fashion a mask out of a scarf for my bike ride. It is cold, it is winter, so I figure the scarf will serve two functions, as a mask, and to keep me warm. My glasses fog up when I stop riding, but they defog as soon as I start riding again. It is oddly schizophrenic.

I head off, the scarf mask is working well.

At the blind corner turning left onto Alexandra Avenue around the Fitzroy pool, a woman came around on my side and we nearly crashed into each other. “Jesus Fuck!” I exclaimed.

We both slam on our brakes. She doesn’t have a mask on, I notice.

She’s sweating, she looks embarrassed, and so she should. “I’m sorry I’m on the wrong side. I’m sorry I’m on the wrong side,” she kept repeating. Not really good enough, I thought. You idiot! Not good enough at all. I have witnessed bike accidents, where two bikes crash into each other, and they are nasty.

I give her my best dirty look, but I don’t say anything. You bloody idiot, I think.

It’s cold. I get riding again.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The difficult economic times sure haven't stopped Josh Frydenberg eating. Have you noticed his chubby face popping up all over the media just lately as he engages in robotic, conservative politician speak? I used to think Josh Frydenberg was kind of cute, but now he is just another fat Liberal avatar with his face in the trough who will never give a straight answer to a question.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Look on the bright side, at least Covid19 might eradicate the antivaxxers. And, if you are an antivaxxer, stand up for your principals and refuse the Covid19 vaccine when it comes out, otherwise you are totally full of pointless shit.
But, I am sure there will be enough to go around, enough even for the antivaxxers, of course. What will happen, is that they will take the vaccine and then they will go on sprouting their usual rubbish about vaccines, of course they will.
Forgive them for they don't know what they do... say... understand.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Remember: You are never alone, Dog is always with you

Friday, July 17, 2020

The Things You Hear

As I came out my front door, when I was still undercover of my front yard, 3 millennial girls walked passed, they were like Tania Degano and her posse, this is the conversation I heard.

“... she’s saying, I gave you a rental reduction and you bought a Subaru! I mean like what did she expect me to do, walk everywhere. And then she just raged at me like she was unhinged. I mean, I shouldn’t have to put up with that...”

Then she was out of earshot.

I contemplated following her and her two friends, but it was a freezing morning and I had to get walking to the park.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Give Way To Pedestrians

I’m walking home, after doing my exercise, walking 5.5 kilometres, twice around the park and then home again.

I cross Napier Street. A guy in a white 4WD doesn’t give way to me, as I am crossing the road. Hey,” I say, “Give way to pedestrians.”

He stops and says, “Take them off.” He is referring to my headphones.

“What?” I ask.

“Take them off, you can’t hear.” My headphones are the Trax type which don’t go into your ear canals, so I can hear perfectly well with them on, even if that is beside the point at this moment.

The law is that cars give way to pedestrians. “Give way to pedestrians,” I say.

“No, I have right of way.” How do people get their licenses, I think?

“No, you don’t… learn your road laws.”

“You can’t hear.”

“You have to give way to pedestrians.”

He drives off. People think all they have to do is deflect now a days when they are questioned and it gets them off the hook of responsibility. I blame the politicians for this, or course, specifically conservative voters, because they invented the disinformation strategy way of operating, and it has spread like the corona virus.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

My High School Boyfriend, Alex

This boy so reminded me of my high school boyfriend, Alex. I know it's not a great photo of him, but he really did look like him. I could hardly take my eyes off him. It was all I could do to stop myself taking more photos of him.

I was waiting for Sam with Buddy and Bruno while Sam shopped. I just gazed at this and remembered… stuff… scenes… snippets. Funny where your mind can go with something coming out of the past to remind you.

How excited I was that first time, me and you, up the Kew Municipal Offices, after school. Kissing each other.

Ah Alex, lovely Alex. I used to go and watch those legs kick the football in year 11 and 12 footy matches. He used to come looking for me afterwards still with wet hair from the showers. We used to sit together in class and push our thighs against each other, I can still feel his thigh against mine. School camp, I used to sneak over to his bed when all the lights went out, just for a second, even with all our other class mates were in bed around us. Just seeing his handsome face light up when he’d see me. Standing together as equals, partners. Belonging, even if it was secret, the delight of the clandestine. Feeling what it was like having someone who picked me.

Two years of love and laughter and learning what it meant to be something to someone, for the first time.

Then after we left school, it kind of finished. Oh, those first summer holidays after year 12 ended when we got together a lot. Empty houses with parents at work, and siblings out, or working.

But then, with no school as our reason for being together we drifted apart because, of course, two boys just weren't meant to be together.

I really hope that has changed. I hope all the people who are against it are heading to hell. I hope the gays of the world, present and future, stick their fingers up at all those people who are against them.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

I'm Sick Of...

I have to cut and paste if I agree with the following. Okay then, here goes.

I’m sick of covid-19!!😱
We’re all sick of Covid19, but we’ll get through it. We’ve been around for 100,000 years, so this is a relatively short time.

I’m sick of black vs. white!! 
Yeah, well, I’m sure George Floyd, or the 400 Aboriginals who have died in police custody are sick of it too.

I’m sick of Labor Vs Liberals. 
So, you are sick of the democratic process. I know it isn’t perfect, but it is better than the alternatives.

I’m sick of gay vs. straight!!🤠
That is probably because you are straight.

I’m REALLY sick of the media!!!!😦😱
Stop watching it, stop buying into it, otherwise stop complaining. Get Netflix.

I’m sick of the language being used and plastered all over the media! 
See previous point

I’m sick of no one being allowed to think what they want & feel what they do without offending someone!! 
Stop saying things that are offensive then, otherwise, you will have no problems.

I am sick of the people who are out there jumping on the bandwagon to protest just to cause mass confusion and more hatred and to riot, loot, and destroy!!!!!! (Please note, you only ever need one exclamation mark)
The tolls protesting are the vast minority, otherwise protest is a valid part of the democratic process.

I am sick of blaming the world for the sins of a few!! 
I’m not even sure what this means?

We’re one race—the human race. We ALL Matter!! 
That’s probably because you belong to the dominant group, usually, the white group.

You want to support PM Scummo? You do it! It’s your choice.

You want to support Anthony Albanese? Fine... also your choice! 

You want to believe in God? Okay, believe in God. 
Yes, but try not to use your belief in god to affect other people’s lives who do not believe in god.

You want to believe in magical creatures that fly around & sprinkle fairy dust to make life better? Awesome... you do it!! 
I can hook you up with a yoga guru who will guide you through all the nonsense.

BUT how about being mature enough to be able to deal with the fact that everyone doesn’t have the same exact mind-set as you. Having our own minds (I’m in two minds?) is what makes us all individuals and beautiful. If you can’t handle that fact... I’m sorry!! I don’t have to agree with everything you believe in.
Having your own mind, seems to me, what the previous points are arguing against.

So be a decent human being. 
Yeah, try not to be a cunt, I’ve always said that.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Riding to Coburg

Mid morning, I went for my daily bike ride. I am aiming for an hour every day, to lose 10 kilos. The sun was shining, but the wind was still cool on my chest. I’m wearing track pants these days instead of the shorts that I always usually wear for a ride, but it is winter now and even though I warm up once I’ve been riding for a time, shorts are still a shock to the system in which to start out.

I headed down Napier Street, through the Edinburgh Gardens, full of people with their dogs off-lead. I must bring my dogs here, I think, yet again. As I approached Park Street, I remember I was going to explore another bike path today, not cycle the same route, I am such a creature of habit, so instead of turning left, I turned right. I wanted to ride the old Merri Creek path, that I used to ride all those years ago, I thought about it last night. As it turned out, the turn off to the Merri Creek bike path it is just a little way along Park Street. I am so lucky living where I live, there are bike paths heading out in every direction, all one has to do is discover them.

So, I rode up the Merri Creek and it was fabulous, so changed and so much more developed than when I used to ride it way back when? Back then it used to peter out in a water logged goat track, long before it got anywhere near Coburg Lake. I laugh to myself, I wonder how many years it has been since the inner suburbs of Melbourne was home to flocks of goats.

All along the Merri creek, bits of land joined up to bits of land, and ovals, some girls sports field, the Brunswick velodrome, and then sundry tracks and scraps of land, the round bits of courts, and street ends, and bridges and sidings and the like all joined up to be a slash of land through the suburbs, separated from roads and cars. It is a whole other world, almost subterranean, but not quite.

There were lots of people exercising, and with their kids, in prams and out of them, on bikes, running, jogging, strolling. So many people with their dogs off-lead, about which I don’t care. Dogs should be off-lead, they should be free to run. It just becomes problematic when mixed with bikes. I wondered what the dog owners would say if you told them, bike riders accept that the dogs are off-lead, as long as dog owners accept that if one of their dogs runs in front of a bike and is hurt, or killed accidently, the dog owners can’t complain. It seemed a fair proposition to me, but somehow, I didn’t think it would fly. People aren’t inherently reasonable, people are essentially selfish or, at least, of self.

I set my timer for 30 minutes, at which point I’d turn around and then I ride for an hour by the time I got home. An hour ride is always my goal. Eventually, the concrete path turned into a gravel path, then it deteriorated to a mud track for a time in the middle there of the journey to Coburg Lake. And just as the concrete resumed again, my 30 minute timer sounded. So, I explored a bit further to the end of the dirty section that essentially became a maze of tracks along the river bank, and then I turned around for home.

I wondered why the middle section wasn’t sealed? But, all I could conclude was, it was for me to wonder. Presumably, the council in the middle didn’t care so much about its residents. I must google which council that is?

I followed a cute boy jogger home, for a bit, who had thick black hair, and a great arse and thick, hairy legs in his dark blue shorts. I followed him at a slow pace until I felt a bit stalkerish, well, a lot stalkerish, but he wasn’t looking behind, so what, then I passed him and headed home.

I was home just after midday. So, I rode for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Cancel Culture

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Our fuckwit Prime Minister Scott Morrison's War Games

Friday, July 03, 2020

Driving to Thornbury

I am too intolerant to drive now a days, I just need to hand my license in, because people are fuckwits, just fuckwits. If I don’t drive, I don’t have to go out and mingle with the fuckwits.

I know I have a somewhat of a take no prisoners driving style, but, hey, I’ve never had an accident. But, if I am driving somewhere, I like to get there. And as Lottie used to say from behind the wheel as she was fanging it through the suburbs, “Get on, or get off.” But then we all used to drive at 80 kph back when I first learned to drive. I remember on occasions following my dear old mum some place, I could never keep up with her, she was just a set of tail lights somewhere in the distance.


I was following a 4WD that put is righthand blinker on whenever it did fuck knows what, all the way up Smith Street and then Queens Parade, at 30 kilometres per hour I might add. I wondered if the driver had blinker Tourette’s. I was praying to god they would veer off the road suddenly and crash into a power pole, but as that didn’t happen it is more proof that god doesn’t exist.

I followed a learner drive who came up to the lights in the right lane in front of me and immediately put its left hand blinker on. When the lights turned green we proceeded forward and the leaner attempted to move into the left-hand lane, when he had veered back into my lane for the forth time, inexplicably, I tooted him. As I tuned up High Street the black 4WD behind me tooted me aggressively, I assume for me tooting the learner driver.

There was traffic everywhere in High Street. And old wog man in a gigantic Buick, as big as some people’s lounge rooms, who presumably got sick of waiting in the side street to turn right into High Street, just planted his foot and came out into two lanes of heavy traffic. I saw him coming out and slowed down, the car behind me and the car behind it had to pull up quickly, however, the bloke coming from the other direction didn’t see him coming and slammed on his brakes at the last minute skidding very closely to a parked car, the car behind him skidded to a stop right up the guy in fronts arse, as did the car behind it, as the large sky blue Buick accelerated steadily with a huge cloud of blue smoke pumping out both of its twin exhausts.

A nun in a mini van who stopped in front of me, veered into the middle of the road and swung the front of the car to the left, presumably going to do a reverse park, then proceeded to move forward swung over on the wrong side of the road, then swerved back onto the left hand side of the road put its left hand blinker on and turned right into a car spot.

When I came home, I came from the north up my street. A truck came from the south and stopped in front of my place. I was going to turn into the lane behind it, but there was truck in the laneway which we all then waited for it to go. Another woman came from the south, stopped for a while because the truck and I were blocking the road, then she drove forward and blocked the truck coming out of the lane. Then proceeded to toot the first truck. And had no idea why any of us weren’t moving.

And that was just driving to Thornbury.