Sunday, September 29, 2019


I've been taking Bruno places with me, because he likes to go places with me, where Buddy will only leave the house if it is both Sam and me.

It is nice to have a dog to walk again.

Everyone calls him Buddy, and when I correct them, "That's Bruno." They say they can't tell them apart.

"That's the puppy?"

“That's the puppy." I'm surprised they can't tell them apart.

"He's got big, hasn't he."

"That's what puppies do. He's 8 months old now."

"He's only 8 months old?"

"He is."

"He's going to be big, isn't he?"

Now, bulldogs aren't big dogs when they are fully grown. They are medium sized dogs.

"Um... oh... maybe. He will probably just fill out now." He still looks like a puppy to me.

“Look at the size of his paws.”

He does have big paws.

“He’s as big as Buddy now?”

“He’s as tall as Buddy, but not as stocky... not yet.”

Friday, September 27, 2019

Scumo Dumbo

Did our Prime Minister, that idiot Scott Morrison, just embarrass himself on a world stage?

Um… that would be a yes.

He addressed the UN saying the media had got the Liberal Party's environmental record all wrong, when the UN knows damn well that the Liberal Party has no environmental policies.

The Liberal Party are still a party of climate change deniers.

Scumo is so used to lying to the Australian people that he can't any longer recognise the time when he should tell the truth.

The UN knows damn well what the Liberal party’s environmental record is. Talk about make a fool of yourself, Scumo.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Get Out In The World

The sun is shining, the sky is blue. Time to shut down my computer and head outside. Do something real. Go for a walk. Suck all that fresh air into my lungs. Absorb all of that sunshine. Lovely.

Walk, skip, run.

(Oh what fun)

There is no substitute for the sun’s rays on your skin, the fish air against your face, and the cool dirt between your toes.

Talk to real people... oh, hang on, let's not get too carried away with all of this.

Ha ha.

Seriously, when was the last time you ran? I think that most of us give up running at a relatively young age.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Gorgeous Weather

Take the dogs for a walk early. Buddy off his lead says hello to everyone he meets. Out in the spring day. Lovely.

Some guy is at the dog park nervous when any dog comes near his staffy, so we keep walking. there are two kinds of staffy owners, it is the dickhead variety you have to avoid.

I write for the rest of the day, one of the bulldogs usually in my lap.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Bruised Finger

If your dog's harness has a very useful elastic strap, be careful to grab it properly, when you grab hold of him. Don't miss grabbing it badly with one finger allowing the elastic strap to somehow snap back on your finger, because it really, really fucken hurts. It was that kind of pain that just got worse and worse and worse as the minutes passed. The pain just didn't subside until I got home and applied ice, only then did the agony plateau.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fools in the Liberal Govt

We had a member of the worst government in Australia's history, the Morrison Govt, Craig Kelly, stand up in parliament and say man made climate change is rubbish. That's right, a member of our current govt stood up in parliament and said man made climate change doesn't exist.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What Does A Balanced Budget Mean?

The worst Australian government in Australian history, the Morrison government, yaps on about the budget being in surplus. The fact that it is the current account they are referring to, like who cares. The fact that the economy is tanking isn't mentioned. And they are calling it balanced when, in fact, it is in the smallest of deficits.

But my point is, people nod and say, "Look at that, the Libs have balanced the budget, finally."

But how many of those people nodding sagely actually know what it means?

They only think it is a good thing because the conservative politicians continually tell them it is a good thing. But that is just conservative political ideology (translation – the wants and desires of the very rich who give the Liberal Party money), nothing much to do with the good of the country. You know unless you are rich and successful the Liberal Party doesn’t give a shit about you, actually, the Liberal party despises you. And some of those people they despise continue to vote for them.

A surplus budget, by its very definition, has to take services away from the people, or fails to supply new services to the public, because the Liberal Government, driven by ideology, has refuse to spend the surplus money on the needs of the people for who it is, allegedly, working.

What is the true ideology of the Liberal party, to reduce government spending more and more, more and more surplus budgets, so that the govt departments can be closed down and given to their rich mates to run instead. The power companies are a good example here. Or, govt spending is reduced to such an extent, the govt business isn’t a competitor for the Liberal Parties rich mates, the NBN being a prime example.

Friday, September 13, 2019

On The Couch

I lay on the couch all day and watched Elite, the Spanish Netflix series about the rich school kids. Has there ever been a more beautiful cast? I don't think so. OMG. Every one of them. Fuck me up the arse, Jesus…! And a number of the boys aren’t backward in giving it to each other. Woof.

Bruno has the sniffles too. Told you we were simpatico! I googled what to do about him, as I did not feel like going out to the vet and google didn't seem to be too hysterical about him having a snotty nose. Keep him warm and quiet and let him rest. Don't do any exercise. See your vet if symptoms persist.

Define 'persist', I thought.

It seemed to be the same course of action for both of us. Lie on the couch with your owner and keep your nose moist.

I lay on the couch covered in my jade green blanket, and Bruno lay cuddled up between my legs. That is how we spent the day. He snores for most of it. I may have drifted off to sleep and joined him in the snoring stakes, maybe. I can’t remember.

Apart from the unwell feeling, I quite like that drained feeling, if all you have to do is lie on the couch, it is all comforting, oddly.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Still Sick

I still feel sick. I have a shitty cough.

I took Bruno to the dog park to chase ball, the sun was shining and you have to leave house sometime when you are sick, it is just good for you. (As much as leaving the house and mixing with the stupid people is ever good for you)

I toss the ball across the park as soon as we get there, and Bruno is right on it, of he hares across the green grass. Just a little bull obsessed is my little guy. (No so little any more)

I throw the ball as soon as Bruno drops it, and he is off again, charging across the green,

Third throw, same story.

Forth throw, as fast as his short red legs would carry him.

Then there was a look, after he dropped the ball. Then another look.


“What’s up little guy?”


“You okay?”

Bruno vomited up his breakfast after that. There was his soften chow laid out in a phlegm mouse. He looked up at me, sad face. But, not to worry, Coco rushed in and ate his sick right up again, so don't worry, num, num, num.

Oh, I'm guessing it was too soon after breakfast for him, actually, but I'll take it as a simpatico move. You unwell, I’m unwell. I’m sick just at the thought of you being sick.


Now, if I could just stop dry coughing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Home Sick

I was home from work today. Bruno and I lay on the couch and watched Netflix. Buddy stayed in his kennel, as Buddy does. I didn’t feel like doing anything else.

Funny, how there is always a bit of guilt staying home sick, there is some anxiety. I shouldn't be doing this, just a feeling, somewhere in the back of one's mind. I find it weird, there is always that slight feeling and when I think about it, it is like trying to see things in my peripheral vision, it just slips out of reach every time. (12th Oct – OMG! What bullshit. I don’t feel guilty about taking a sick day. I’m like a pig rolling in shit on a day home from work… I think what I am trying to say is that I only take sick days when I am sick, so I am always feeling poorly when I am home sick)

I struggled with Netflix. I always struggle with Netflix. Too many choices. There is so much to choose from it takes me forever to think I have made the best choice. And then I can't settle on anything as I am always thinking I want to watch something else. FOMO to be sure. Too many choices always seem to morph into indecision. FOMO is a 21-century illness, and I am not immune.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I'm Sick

I'm home sick. I thought I was teflon coated, as everyone was getting sick around me, and I never came down with it. I walked through with wings of steal. But alas…

You see, Sam had it last week, and it was he who bought it into the house, and now I have it, thank you Sam. It is hard to avoid it when you are sleeping with it.


I woke up last night a couple of times with the thought, I feel like I am getting a cold. Fucking hell, what a bitch!

I went to work, but it was no good. The feeling of getting a sore throat persisted. The feeling of an imminent cold rang through me.

Then the loss of energy started, you know that kind of tiredness, and I thought I should go home and stop giving it to other people. (Do you like that, sounds good, huh?) The truth is, even though I don’t take may sick days, I’m just a slut for a sick day the moment I feel sick.

I left at 11.11am. I timed that deliberately. Skid marks on the carpet where I took off out the door.

Still, it is lovely to be walking home at midday when the sun is shining. You know, look for the bright side. That lovely sunny midday feeling, it is the very definition of relaxed.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Sunday, September 01, 2019


The first day of spring, lovely. It is always a glorious day of the year. In the best month of the year, what’s more, better than any other month. The sun shone, and late in the afternoon the rain fell, such spring weather, you've got to love it. Heat, moisture. Sunshine, rain. But mostly the sun shone and the sky was blue.

The changing of the seasons. The changing of the guard. Old Man Winter shleps off as Lovely Mr Spring dances into view.

“Sashay away,” Lovely Mr Spring says to Old Man Winter.

I love the difference, it is great to feel the change.


Nothing much in this modern world is designed to make us feel alive, in fact most things are designed to make us fearful. A happy society never did any political party any good, nobody to save from evil. (the fact that most politicians around the world are “the evil” is the irony here) So, when the sky turns blue and the sun shines down crisp and clean, take a moment to feel alive.