Monday, May 31, 2004

Top of the week to you Missy!

Morning Christian
Top of the week to you Missy!
I hope your weekend at Bolago was lovely.

Dad's 65th was great, went off with only one hitch – no film in the camera that I was using (!!).
I visited Perry and Wesley too – they are having a small dinner, I think, on Thursday June 10, to celebrate Wesley's 27th birthday. You're invited so pencil it in.
I didn't finish with Doug until 11pm, which is why you didn't hear from me.
His flatmates were going to be home so we took ourselves off to 80 and got a sling room and a good time was had by both of us – mmm TWO good dates this weekend, although I would have to say that the best one was with Mark on Saturday night – the 45yr old truck driving ex-everything you can possibly name.

He was quite funny ☺

I tried to engage young Douggy – well not so young really, he's 33 – in chats other to do with things that men do together, and it was quite hard really. I mean, I appreciate that he had one thing on his mind and one thing only, but I almost got the feeling he was extending himself, so to speak, to impress me...
Which he kind of did, although perhaps not in the way that he expected... What I thought was, "Oh, another one just like Tom Kidd! Why do I attract the sexual compulsives?"
Anyway, I *did* get the feeling that he was extending his already very dirty mind for me, or maybe he's just like that anyway.
Oh well, no skin off anyone's nose.
Both Mark and the slightly bruised Douggy get another ride :)
I hope this day is good for you Christian, and that school is funfilled too.
But wait a minute – do you still have classes?

Classes indeedy. I think I have another two weeks. But I also think that you and I discussed this yesterday, or was it Saturday. Forgetting miss? Or perhaps I'm just that boring, maybe?
My presentation next week.
I spent the weekend with previous guests...
(oops, I got distracted and didn't send this.) I had them at my door this morning, gnashing and scratching, as soon as I got here. But it's Monday morning, I thought.
Lovely guests. All very relaxed.
And I spent a good part watching the fifth series of Ab Fab, which hasn't been shown on TV here yet.
American Idol. Big Brother. And I got home late myself.
So there you go.
Don't worry about God of Small Things. I bought a copy.

Yes Miss I DID remember, was just checking and give you an opportunity to revise your answer, as Shane's classes have finished as well.
Now, a word on girly – the way a man holds his cigarette or his drink always gives it away ☺

Is Shane still in there and passing? I am really surprised.
Cigarettes and drinks, indeed. Or the way he wears a scarf, or how he holds his hand to his face.

The slightly bruised Douggy... I could see him being a sexual compulsive. He has that calm, cool exterior, giving the impression of everything being under control. But those eyes of his, they dart a bit too frequently... always active, it's a dead give away. But perhaps it takes another Virgo to see through a Virgo's armour. Shield. Mask.

all of the below Miss :)

yes definitely darting...
sexy though

SMS. 17.06. Well pig, how come u didn’t come & rescue me yesterday? The thought of chatting to Adam in a confined area 2 daunting eh? – Rachel

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Aren't quiet weekends lovely

I got home late, after watching television with Mark and Luke, for most of the weekend. Lovely. Coffee machine, joints and meals made for me. Gotta love that

Hey Christian
Aren't quiet weekends lovely? Well non-druggy ones anyway...
I had a lovely date last night with a fine 45 yr old guy who doesn’t look a blush over 40, and was home in bed by 2am.
Doug sent me a text saying he met you two and liked you both and that he's thinking about it...
What did you two think?
Anyway, I'm seeing him tonight too...
Love ya Tom

Hey Shell
You must be very proud of Enrique. It must be pretty cool to watch him grow up. He's a beautiful kid too, from the sleepy face that I remember in the back of the car. It must be nice.
As far as his reports, you shouldn't judge him by you. He, he. I'm sure he's being brought up differently... he has to be really, different time, different people. And he'll have lots more pressure on him than we did. He'll have lots more temptations than we did to get tempted by, too. But I guess you don't want to think about all of them right now, hey? We were all pretty good kids, when you think about it. From an easier time, really. Or maybe not, actually. I don't know. Just different, I guess. I reckon the next fifty years will be very interesting, so lucky him.
But I reckon we'll be better parents – not that there was anything wrong with ours – just more real about the world.
Perhaps I'm just talking shit too.
I can't think too straight right now. I've just driven home from the country and I was really tired behind the wheel. I've got snooze to catch.
I'm off to bed.
Talk soon

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Come & amuse me

I visited mum in the morning.

I went to Bolago, afterwards.

SMS. 17.20. If yr bored 2morrow we r having drinks 4 Andre's b/d in the arvo. Come and amuse me. ☺ U can chat 2 Adam. Ha, ha – Rachel

Friday, May 28, 2004

George is ridiculously handsome, as Tom put it

Well Hello!!... Will be over at about 7 tonight... if that’s still ok.... I wouldn’t mind ribs?

Cool, ribs it is.
I have to go to a friend’s graduation at 6pm, but I will be home by 7pm.

sounds good... see you there. Do you feel like watching a few episodes of Gimme Gimme Gimme..... Got the box set but have not watched any yet....

Yeah, sure. I don't know what that is, but it sounds good – like my last trip to Italy.

I’m scared of bringing a funny DVD... He laughs like a hiyena. (I spelt that wrong) he's a bit think... all over... oh well... that’s what pillows are for

Don't be scared. If he laughs you know I'll just be picturing him in his underpants.

now that is a good view

That George boy is starting to drive me up the wall... he is too happy... laughs all the time and wont shut up!!!

I think that's nice, it means you must be making him very happy. And that's no surprise to me.

Now I feel like a bastard.... and I'm so good at it!!

No one would think that... well, maybe Terry.

Only kidding... it maybe too soon for that to be funny. Sorry.

Oh god.... I don’t care about that ... at all…/... he's gone, goodbye... thank god... actually just occurred to me maybe George doesn’t laugh too much... may just have been that I was hanging out with a misery guts for too long

George has gone home sick from work.... I’m still coming over though

Gorge doesn't work with you too, does he?

Oh god no – that would be hard to juggle – he's a block away in degraves street.

Where in Degraves Street? That's where I go to school.

oops – I meant corner Flinders Lane and Elizabeth – he's a NAB boy....

Pity I don't bank with the NAB...

I cant wait for Greek night on Sunday night... you should come

If I don't go to Bolago, I just might. Do you think it will be too much? All of them...

Oh god, it will be fantastic!! I will tell George I need you to come and that you’re my security blanket...

Do you think there is an Italian night equivalent?

I don’t need one of them... I’m quite content on that front

If you've got a copy of the Herald Sun nearby, look at the caption at the top of page 27. I'd like to see that! (ed note. Greeks ready to shoot)

Well, I’ve seen one shoot... and an Italian do it last night.... Mr T (ed note. That would be Tony)

Now you're just teasing!

It was actually one of the best sessions ever...

You're still teasing!

I went to Teddy’s graduation at 6pm, after work and was home by 7pm.
Teddy and I stood out the front and had a cigarette as we waited for it to start. A girl asked us for directions, who I was sure I knew. We started telling each other what we did, she was graduating from fine arts. Then she asked me my name, after which she said, Christian! I’m Deb Thorn, Adam’s friend. Little Deb. She’s still little.
Not many were graduating from my course, maybe five or six. Is that how many get through each year?

Tim and George came over – Tim’s new Greek boy. George is ridiculously handsome, as Tom put it. Tim bought DVD’s of Absolutely Fabulous and Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.
Tom Piked, said he just had to have a nap and wake up when he did. He’s been up at 5am every morning for work, as well as studying at night, writing essays. He said he wasn’t going to rush. He was going to the Laird with a few mates. I hope he isn’t upset because I said he couldn’t stay.

Manny came over too. I said, Come on Mannyobolous, I’ll do dirty things to you, when he hesitated. He said instantly that he’d be over.
Manny and George spoke gym work in the kitchen together.
I drove him home at midnight, he was going to eat.

SMS. 22.58. He is so camp. Can’t go there. Just said goodbye. He’s not for me – Tim
SMS. 23.30. Cute though – christian

Thursday, May 27, 2004


SMS. 6.01am. This is Doug’s text… I am Virgo with Capricorn rising. Called Christian twice. Left message. Will keep trying… smsing you makes me bar up – Tom

Hi there Christian,
Hope you enjoy your day today – you can ring Doug on his mobile during the day you know...
Just thought I'd let you know, call me if u want the number, I'll be home from 9.30 - 1.30...
Hope you enjoyed his reply to my horoscope query – I certainly did!

Yes, indeed miss. A very nice reply to a sms. Always nice to know there's a boy out there who you can effect, hey?
I shall give thumper a call today.
And a Virgo, what's more. Gotta luv that.

I thought you might like the Virgo thing.
And Thumper – what a wonderful name!!
Now Miss, IF I wanted to stay at your place tomorrow night, is the bedroom next to yours available?

Hmmm you've got me thinking...
You know slugga is a nickname a couple of the gaydar boyz that I've met in my travels have given me...
Now that you've christened Thumper, it makes me wonder "Could this be a match made in heaven?!"
Anyways, thanks for bringing a smile to my tired dial.

You know I don't mind you staying, but I don't think it is the same now that Aby is living there too. It was different when I was just sharing my house with you, but now it's Aby's house too that I'm sharing.
So I don't know... oh!... I hate to say no… but I guess that is what I'm saying.

Okay no problem...

Hey Christian,
how was your day...
Mine was LONG!
And I've still got to finish an essay tonight!
How did you resolve your work place analysis btw?
Anyway, just saying g'day and I will see you tomorrow night round 7
Nite nite

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Greek and Gay

I sat down on the busy tram, as soon as I got a seat. Opposite me was a baby-faced Greek boy, dressed in army pants, tracksuit-top and a beenie. The first thing I noticed was his big brown eyes. The second thing I noticed was his squeeze of his thighs and his arm pushing down slightly on his groin. He had a nice lump there. You've got a fat, I thought. I clasped my hands and gazed at his thick thighs, at the patch on his knee and the very nice bulge.

I caught his gaze a few times. He moved his arms away and his package was well filled out.
I couldn't help running my eyes along his legs, from the spots on his hand to where the seams in his pants joined. I glanced up to see where he was looking, he'd glance at me and then look away. He'd almost smile, but not quite.

Then I gazed at his bulge again, looked at his thighs, his bulge, my hands clasped in front of me, his bulge, out the window, up at him, he'd glance momentarily, his bulge, thighs, hands, window. Then he'd moved his arm back to his groin. The bulge in his pants filled up. He'd barred up. He glanced at me, trying not to be seen. He kept his arm over his lap. I could still see the fabric straining nicely though. I kept my gaze on it. He squirmed a bit. Squeezed his thighs. I was picturing a hooded worm, dark-skinned and beautiful, like his big brown eyes. He may have been very young, although I don't think so, he was a tall boy. I could feel the throb of excitement right through me.

Then it was Swanston Street and he moved his satchel over his front and stood up. He was nicely athletic, nice arse.

He stood in the isle holding his satchel in front of him. He glanced at me.

I decided to get off. I had a two-hour ticket, after all. I could just get back on the next tram. I stood behind him.

He walked down Bourke. I walked next to him. He kept his bag in front of him, poor boy was still hard up. He glanced sideways. He adjusted himself. He looked at me. He turned into Swanston. I waited at the lights, I was late for work and had to leave him. He looked back and then kept walking.
What am I doing?

Hey Christian,
Hope this moist Wednesday morning is fruitful and productive for you Miss.

Well, it ain't moist.
It's lovely in Fitzroy.
You have a lovely day too.
I'm gonna ring Doug, he rang last night. How exactly do you know him?

SMS. 11.14. I'm going to a young Greek and gay support group party on Sunday night. I've cracked the ethnic scene! – Tim
SMS. 11.30. Can I come? There was a young Greek guy on the tram this morning who had a fat! Yum! – christian

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

You learn from past mistakes, that's why you have them.

You know, maybe the whole thing of Sept 11th wasn't so tragic and maybe America should just accept it as a karmic thing and move on.
America really deserved it after all of the terrible things it has done in the world. Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia the list goes on.
But no, in true American arrogance it has even made out that the whole world changed that day.
Nothing changed.
Maybe, they should have taken the opportunity to look at why the world would hate them so much to blow them up, instead of accepting it as their god given right to bear arms.
It wasn't the time to take the moral high ground when, in reality, they have behaved without morals time and time again.
Then they went on to stage another unwinnable war. The irony was lost.
The boy in the playground punches the other boy, knocking out his teeth. The other boy punches him back, breaking his nose.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Yeah, bring George, I'll need something to chew on

Leah and I caught the tram to work together.
It was really nice to spend the weekend with her, go to a party, hangout. It was nice that she met my friends too My oldest friend. I hope we’re friends for another fifty years.

Rachel called to say she got a lecture from Dan – presumably to do with the whole straight boy thing and Rachel changing from one straight boy to the other, who live in the same house, what’s more – and she decided she didn't need to be told in such a way so she left. I think she has now called it off with both Mike and Dan.

Just to confirm still coming on Friday night – Will be there at around 7/7.30pm... Do you feel like heading out and grabbing a bite as well?
George is coming as well. (little Hotty he is)

(ed note. Oh how I hate that expression, hotty… not sure why)

Sure, eating will be good
Yeah, bring George, I'll need something to chew on.

chew on your dentures... he's mine

Fantastic – by the way it was great to see you again on Friday. x x

Just kidding. I shouldn't say that, I know. But I was thinking about your SMS from yesterday. What was it, 3 inches better than T...
It was nice to see you too. A bite to eat Friday will be great.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daniel

SMS. 1.40am. Ha Ha, I won't tell anyone. I might end up on your couch Miss or the top room – Tom.
SMS. 1.50am. The couch or the washing is all yours – christian

We went back to Jacqui's afterwards (in Richmond, that area opposite the Corner Hotel) and drank more and danced until 5am. In the end it was just me, Leah, Jacqui and Daniel.
Leah and I both agreed that we would have both shagged Daniel. He was drop-dead gorgeous, as Leah said. Nice hairy stomach, he lifted his shirt at one stage, he liked the attention.

Daniel had been flirting with a gay boy named Gregg, all night. But they’d been friends for quite some time. Right at the end of the night, when Leah was very drunk, she did a whole spiel on Daniel about Gregg being seriously in love with him and how Daniel shouldn’t flirt with him and be a cock tease. I think she was wrong. Straight girls don’t always get that straight boys flirt with gay boys. They like the attention. I think it was harmless, as I said Greg had known Daniel for years and Greg was nearly fifty, not twenty. It’s just how gay boys and straight boys play. She probably set gay boy/straight boy relationships back ten years. Maybe not.

I wondered if Leah reacted that way because Daniel was doing it with me a little at the end of the night, as the four of us danced in Jacqui’s lounge room. I tried to explain to her that most gay boys don’t waste their time chasing straight boys. They don’t call them straight for nothing.

We left Daniel and Jacqui together at the end. We both wondered if they shagged.

We got home at 5am. We went via 7/11 to get cigarettes. So Leah and I stumbled along Smith Street holding each other up, with sore, sore feet, as the night was heading toward morning.

Tom stayed, getting home after daylight.

I got up at 13.30.

SMS. 14.50. How's Nick? – christian
SMS. 14.58. Who is this? – Tim.
SMS 14.59 Herumph! – christian
SMS. 13.01. I didn't have your number in my new phone. My god!... He's Tony and more... actually about three inches more. He, he. – Tim

Leah and I walked to the Fitzroy Gardens and then headed down Brunswick Street to eat pizza and drink coffee. We wandered home as it got dark

Rachel arrived at 7pm,
Jill at 7.30.

We went to Gluttony for dinner, but it was closed. So we went to Suede instead. We had a nice dinner together, old friends together.

Rachel left early for a Rendezvous with Dan, who lives with Mike. She didn't tell Jill or Leah... well, maybe just not Leah. Rachel thinks rightly or wrongly that Leah has a big mouth.

But Jill left as soon as we got home, so Rachel's early departure didn't seem so obvious.

Leah and I watched Big Brother when we got home. And we drank tea and we smoked cigarettes. Leah has to stop when she goes back to Sydney.

Tom stayed late and left early, so we didn't see him.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Not My Husband... He's The Guy I Lost My Virginity To

Leah borrowed my car and went to Williamstown to visit a friend and I went to Shioban's to compare notes on our speechwriting presentation.
Leah got back at 4pm and I took her to D's salon to have her hair blow-dried straight.
Robbie Milosevich came over to see Leah, it was the first time they had seen each other in twenty years. Tom came over after a BBQ to meet Leah. Tom told Leah she was gorgeous and asked me why I'd never said how gorgeous she was.
Tim came over after being at Steve's in Clifton Hill.

SMS. 20.23. Poor Bombers – Tom
SMS. 21.00. Don't tell Leah – Christian

I called Manny at about midnight to see how he was, he'd been sick with food poisoning symptoms.

I went to Leah's friend Jacqui's fortieth as Leah's date. It was held at Mo-Jo Browns in Bridge Road Richmond. I took Leah’s hand as we crossed Bridge Road, Jacqui was out the front having a smoke.

“OMG you guys, that looked so weird,” said Jacqui, I just lost 2 years watching you two hand in hand.”

Leah and I laughed.

We drank till we were drunk and danced until 3am.

Jacqui's sister said something about me being nice, which we gathered was a comment on me being Leah's husband.

“No, he's not the husband,” Leah said. “He's my first boyfriend. She was drunk by this stage so she added, “He’s the guy I lost my virginity to.”

“I'm confused,” said the sister.

We all laughed.

“They used to go out together,” said Jacqui. “Way back when we were young,” she slurred.

"But they don't now?" asked the sister.

"No," slurred Jacqui

There was a sprinkling of gay boys and a very cute, allegedly straight, boy named Daniel, who seemed very keen to hang with the gay boys. And who also had the eye thing going on, in my direction more than was usual, for a straight boy.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Jerking of to a packet of coco pops

Bad Mark G!

Sorry bout that "minding" confusion – was just a poor choice of words.
Anyway, or course I know you're always happy to see me.
I've been feeling a tad peaked so I didn’t go.
Hope your day progresses nicely.

Yeah well,
I forgot the most interesting bit. He is friend/associate of Tabitha's not boyfriend... No surprises there... except for his nick name... Coco pops???
Yes, after much coaxing Tabitha revealed why... One day his mates caught him having a wank standing at the kitchen table, with his jocks around his tighs jerking of to a packet of coco pops??
Straight boys... Just when you think you have got them figured...
So you may need to have a packet of B'Fast cereal in the back of the Monaro too.

Brekky cereal would be no problem... anything he likes, if that's what it takes to see him with his jocks around his wog boy thighs with a bona. I wouldn't have to be asked twice to chow down on that foreskin... covered in Fruit loops, if I had to.

I’ve just been talking to Manny, he’d sorted Glen and wanted me to go over. I have to put up the curtains in Leah’s room, change the bed linen – I laugh at that with the state of my bedclothes – have a shower and clean up the house a bit. Come over here, I said. You could be here by the time I do all of those things.
He tried to get me to go there. I stood my ground. I’m not sure if I can relax at his house, with the whole Glen thing.
He exhaled and thought… okay, start doing things then.
So, I guess I had better.

Big Brother is on in ten minutes, I’d better get the fires going.

Manny arrived while I was in the shower. We had gorgeous sex before I dropped him off home on the way to the airport. He could have come to meet Leah, I kind of wish I’d taken him to meet her, afterwards.

We went to The Union and bought a bottle of red wine... of course. The stoner and the boozer. Leah, of course, thinks she holds the moral high ground, being the drinker. I'm not sure how she comes to that, but I know that's how she thinks. Nobody ever kicked someone's head in because they were too stoned. We sat up and drank it and chatted till late. We've got nearly thirty years of history to pick from.

Aby was away for the weekend at Bolago for meditation with Gary.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I'd be in the back of the Monaro biting down on the leather...

Hey Christian,
Slaving away at an essay here, wringing words like blood from a stone.
How are you today?
Looking forward to tonight?

I'm good, Kym.
Wring away buddy.
I feel as free as a bird, it's amazing how one assignment down can change everything.
And I have effectively finished my second assignment, although I still have to pull it all together. But I do have all the info sitting on my desk at home.
And I'm even going to try a little creative writing of my own. One of my contacts, my initial contact, said she didn't feel qualified to answer my questions, so I decided last night that she is going to answer my questions, unbeknownst to her. I'm going to make her history and work practices up for her. I'm just going to amalgamate the other three and low and behold I'm going to have four case studies, by the time I'm done. I don't know why? I think it's the total lack of creativity in this subject that is driving me to do it.
Now I'm free to play with Leah this weekend. Even might be going as her date Saturday night, to a girl's fortieth, with a group of friends used to know Leah and I as a couple when we were in our twenties. I haven't decided, but it could be interesting to see the look on their faces.
Anyway, lots to do.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you...
I spent this morning's writing time adding your comments to the computer version of my story. You've given me a lot to work with. I love the idea of nuns – not being Catholic they didn't occur to me. You've made a lot of great suggestions – now all I need to do is think about how I incorporate them. I'm feeling really invigorated by your comments. Now all you need to do is throw something my way so that I can return the favour.
Hope you're having a lovely day ☺
PS: I inherited the empty bottle – after getting you to snaffle it, Mark G decided it would only clutter up his flat… go figure!

Cool. You know I'm happy to.
The whole nun thing had me in stitches... although I'm not a catholic. My mother would throw things at that, being a good Anglican... But I saw a glimpse of her school days with nuns. I could picture the wimple and the expression.
PS Lucky you with the bottle.
PPS. Did I see another side of Mark G. after the red wine? I kind of think that I did. It was like the sedatives had worn off... and I'm not sure it was a side that I liked.

Hmm… wimples, now there's something the narrative needs!
Not sure about the other side of Mark G, what specifically were you noticing? Let me tell you, by the time I dropped him at his place (not long after we left you – he didn't feel like coffee) he was back to his normal soporific state. Let's keep him sedated.

There just seemed to be a slightly nasty edge... hint of... in the margins, at the very edges of Mark G. (The outer reaches of Mark G, now there's a concept)
And he seemed to be enjoying looking down your top, after he’d had a few wines?
(ed note. I guess that means he isn’t gay?) (I only say that because over the years a few people have asked. Not that I ever really thought it)

Yeah – I agree (about the nastiness and the looking) I find both a bit disconcerting. Where's the valium?

Before I tell you to keep your dirty little secrets to your self I would have to admit that I could get half a mongrel for Igor and his Monaro helps with the other half.
Greek boys... No wonder Greece is in ruins.

Have you watched Big Brother up late, with Igor wondering about in his boxers? Thick legs, solid torso… and the wog boy voice.
If I was a girlie with a short skirt, I know where I'd be on Saturday night... in the back of the Monaro biting down on the leather...

Of course I mind!

Well, if you mind so much lucky I'm not going then! Hmph!
And why, pray tell, do you mind that I might join you in a now hypothetical gathering?
Or do you mean you DON'T mind?

I thought you were going. I was expecting to see you there.
It seemed such an odd thing for you to say, if I minded. Of course, I was going to say that I minded to that. Which, of course, meant that I didn't, but surely I don't have to explain that.
The show was fantastic.

Mark and Luke arrived down for Wes’ show, at the Hi Five Bar.
Manny said he wanted to come and firstly I said he couldn't. Then I told him that all the tickets had been bought. But then I was on the phone to him and Aby said she was going out somewhere and I said to her, Come along Jude says there are lots of tickets, which Manny heard on the other end of the phone. Oops!

We went to Arcadia for dinner and I ate beetroot risotto – the three of us, Aby and her gorgeous friend Gary.

The show was great, Wes is very talented. Humour and fantastic music, wonderful arrangements and superb showmanship. Tina de Twist was incredible; funny, almost poignant, but not quite – amazing how she interacted with her band (cute they were, too) with great musical arrangements. Mark said, but she only said I don’t believe me, once. Which, of course, is true. But she was less mad and more musical, this time.
Wes and Tully were great together. Wes took songs from all different artists and styles and made them his own, when he sang with Tully.
We got home after midnight.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hectic Day

what a hectic day!
I hope today is smoother, more later

You back at work?
I hear you're going to Jude's shindig in the city tomorrow night.
If I can swing having the car Friday morning, could I stay at yr place on Thursday night?

Actually, I think a friend of Aby's is staying Thursday night.

Ta :)

Just as well Miss.
I have too much work to do to go about gallivanting, but what with you, Luke, Mark, Jude, and Jane all going, it just seemed too much fun to miss out!
Not that staying at yr place is imperative to having a good time of course, just means I would drink my little heart out ☺
Now I hope this day is treating you well, and that you're homework is back under control.

My homework is so under control, I'm almost laughing.
So much so that I am now thinking that I could sand and polish the floors in my bedroom. I so want them done.

Glad to hear you are doing so well in the homework department Miss.
I just might come along tomorrow night for a bevy or two, if you're going...
And you don't mind, of course ☺

SMS. 13.23 Next Friday is graduation. Six at Uni. Hope you can come. They want me to give the student’s speech – Teddy

The other day I was talking to Patrick and I said to him "Guess who's coming over" and he said "Christian." just out of the blue... funny isn't it.

Cute Kid, huh?

of course exactly like me....

Clearly takes after Adam

no moi... I'm clearly the cutest!!

I don't know... Adam’s hairy arse could sway me!

SMS. I hear we've been summoned 2 dinner Sunday night! As long as it's early start I will be there – Rachel

Oh dear, you sound stressed! Don't be too down on yourself for missing the deadline – just hand it in by Friday and all will be well. Yep, I'm afraid to say that I have read a Mills & Boons or two in my time. I'm a bit fond of bad writing & bad TV (I love Young & the Restless). Sad but true.
OK, I think you ought to get cracking on your assignment instead of reading this email. And just remember that it won't be graded so, unless it is of value to your ongoing welfare & development, don't put too much energy into it! Write anything and hand it in. Make it up if necessary.
See you on Saturday.

I took myself in hand – meant in the nicest possible way – last night and wrote it and emailed it off to him.
All done. Life's good.

Before I tell you to keep your dirty little secrets to your self I would have to admit that I could get half a mongrel for Igor and his Monaro.
Greek boys... No wonder Greece is in ruins.

Have you watched Big Brother up late, with Igor wondering about in his boxers? Thick legs, solid torso… and the wog boy voice.
If I was a girlie with a short skirt, I know where I'd be on Saturday night... in the back of the Monaro biting down on the leather...

I went to Yeltza with Kym and Mark Garland and they drank red wine and we all ate Cream Brullie.

I gave Kym the feedback on her piece. She said it helped her a lot.

I came home to watch Big Brother Uncut with Aby, as Kym and Mark G. wandered off to drink coffee somewhere, Arcadia… Big Brother was shit, what I saw. I woke up at 3am on the couch.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Money in romance

hey back cri... we leave here on sunday at 6.30 and arrive in aus on tuesday at 12.30 am... len said he can pick us up if you can't make it due to work commitments... you know work... but it would be nice to see you at the airport if you can get the mornin off or somethink... having a good time in rome… lots to see and but getting a bit weary now… looking forward to being home and settled in one place... the weather is still holding out thank god... although it looked like it was going to piss down just a while ago… but it went away... yay... not much more to add really… got lots to share but will wait till we get home to bombard you... give our love to Aby... when you see her... and a big squueze to you to cri cri... see ya in a cupla... lotsa M and L

Morning Miss.
I hope that your mood is not as dreary as the day...
I'm sure it's not, with your bfs home from overseas and all, regaling you with exciting stories and funfilled tales, no doubt.
Thank goodness for a quiet-ish weekend I say – I wouldn't want to be coming down willy nilly on a day like this!
I picked up my pills from your place last night, amid Blue's plaintive wails for food, which he then ignored studiously.
I then had a date with Gary from perth, who i met at Wet on Sunday night. Very woof woof!
It's school then counselling for me – a good oreder I think.
Hope you're chipper!

Fucken hell!
I got my act together finally, Sunday. I emailed off questions to four speechwriters and compiled my questions for my OH&S assignment. I spent all day on the internet. Eyes like pinwheels in the end.
I decided not to send my questions to my OH&S contact Monday morning until Robyn sent me back a critique on my questions – I had until June, after all.
I went to school and found out the OH&S assignment was due that night. WHAT!, I said. My class buddies showed me it was all written out in VERY CLEAR black and white on our learning outcomes sheets we were given in the first week, due 17th May. My head spun with my incompetence. Make up an excuse, they said. I HAVE NO EXCUSE, I said. Just make one up, they said. (Girls are good like that) AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I told the tutor I hadn't finished it. He said that the course was all about deadlines, you know like the REAL writing world. He asked if I could email it by the end of the week. I feebly said yes, I knew I had NOTHING – even if I had (at fucking least) started it Sunday.
I left after the break and headed to work to send the questions. My head spun even more when I realised I wasn’t even going to work today. I literally spun in circles on the corner of La Trobe and Russell, as I didn’t even have answers to my questions. I decided to go home and send the questions to Belinda, my OH&S contact. If she didn’t answer me today, I was fucked!!!!!! (She is only in the office Mondays and Tuesdays)
Mark and Luke are good. Exhausted. Lovely to see them. I spent today looking at their photos, too lovely for words, as the rain fell. Italy is just too beautiful.
Went to mum's for dinner, home by 9pm.
I worked out a contingency plan on the way down from Bolago, at least. Give the questions to the OH&S officer at work and simply change (my company) for (the other company name) at the top and hand it in Friday. It would do at a pinch.
Ran to my computer. Held breath. Emails were slow. Manny called, as the emails were downloading, wanting to play. OH&S was the last email to download. WOO, FUCKING, HOO!!!!!!!!!!!. My assignment is 1000 words, she replied with 941 words. I just couldn't believe it. Really couldn't! I did some quick editing and I have just finished the assignment, ready to email to my tutor, one day late. Can you believe it? Aby said, Look at you. You look sooooooooooooo pleased with yourself. And I am. Pleased with the world. HE, HE!
And I have substantial answers for my presentation from the four speechwriters for the next one, which really is in June.
It's all fucking good.
And to think I have been stressing over this for months.
What a wonderful world it truly is.

I agree... They should make it a real Greek Games. Naked. Foreskins flapping in the wind...
Now that would be a game I'd want to see.

Black hair, white teeth, thick strong legs, ripped abs, hairy chests, big be-foreskinned cocks down to here. I'm drooling with a fat.
Greek boys are my very favourite, at the moment. Yum, yum.

You should have stayed for the presentations last night – after the bad news presentation of the literary agent you would have been inspired to learn that there is lots of $$$$$$$$ to be made in writing romance fiction. And you don't even have to know how to write. (sounds easy... I am going out at lunchtime to stock up on the Mills & Boons and Harlequins).
I have tracked down lots of books for our speechwriting stuff and will visit various libraries this week to collect them.
Happy homeworking.

Mills & Boon huh? Lots of money to be made? Sounds good.
I tell you, my head was spinning sooo badly from my due date error, I can't begin to describe it. I never do that. I may or may not miss deadline dates, but I'm fully aware of it if I do. Last night, I was surprised with it.
But I have just got the answers back from my contact, so everything should be fine for Noel for Friday.
PS have you ever read a Mills & Boon. I've tried and I just couldn't get through it.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Is it a full moon?

hey christian
i think i left HIV pills in a film cannister at yr place
could u grab it if u see it

Okay, if I see them. A black, cylindrical kind of film canister?
Clearly, your day is as good as mine judging by your curt email.
Sophie is in the foulest mood, so much so that I told her I risked killing myself if I stayed in her office and listen to anymore of her take on the world today.
My darling boys are home tonight, so I'm like Batfink, them wings of steel...
But I tell ya – is it a full moon? – with the morons we've had to put up with today, I'm like the Enterprise under attack, shields are down to 10%, BUT HOLDING!
Chin up my friend.

I went to work. Beck was at a funeral. Stella winged about just about everything until I was in a fowl mood.

I decided not to send my questions to my OH and S contact until Kym sent me back a critique on my questions – I’ve got until June, after all.

I was thinking mostly about Mark and Luke at midnight.

I went to school and found out the OH and S assignment was due tonight. My head spun with my incompetence. I left after the break and headed to work to send the questions. My head spun even more when I realised I wasn’t even going to work tomorrow. I literally spun in circles on the corner of La Trobe and Russell as I didn’t even have answers to my questions. I decided to go home and send the questions to Belinda, my OH and S contact. If she didn’t answer me tomorrow, I was fucked.
I went home, sent the questions and then watched Big Brother.

IT'S FINISHED – Athens soccer stadium
Thought you might all enjoy this one?

But what about all them big swarthy Greek soccer boys? (I've almost got a bone thinking about it)

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I spent all day on the internet

SMS. 17.37. I have been was – Tom

I got my act together finally. I emailed off questions to four speechwriters and compiled my questions for my OH and S assignment.

I spent all day on the internet.

I founded out that Mark and Luke weren’t coming home until 12.20am Tuesday morning.

I went to the Turkish Grocer and bought vegetables and a juice. I hoped his hot son would be there to serve me, but sadly no.

I watched Big Brother.

I watched Law and Order and went to bed.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Cheers mate

I got up early, well, 9am and went to the shop to get coffee beans, via the video shop to return, Read My Lips. On my way past The Club the party boys were just being exited; cute, funny, pilled. The cutest blond one smiled a crooked smile and gave me a thumbs up sign,
Cheers mate!
Cheers mate, indeed, I thought, as I (warmly, nostalgically) laughed at the sight of them.

Hey Christian
Hope this finds you chirpy and productive...
My evening was *interesting*. Went over to Luke and Chris (the pash rash boys from Beyond) last night. Luke popped a pill as I arrived and seemed to enjoy my ministrations very much, although he came quite quickly – too quickly for me!
Then he shuddered and shaked and trembled under our gentle touches, while I tried to talk Chris into taking a pill with me.
He wouldn't! He's going to NZ in two weeks, and the last time he travelled he got sniffed out (by dogs) at customs after taking drugs and was cavity searched! It was all most inconvenient and I left in a dutch huff around 2.30am.
"Sleep here? You've got to be joking!!"
Anyway I've threatened them with legal action and hopefully Chris will realise the error of his ways. (Luke is up for anything, anytime, my kinda boy really...)
Now I've got the footy tonight, and then a date with the lovely Jason afterwards – an 80 sling room – tres romantic!
You should be happy Miss – Essendon have now won 6 in a row!

Well, miss?
I'm good. Just getting the computer turned on to do a little home work. One assignment has been started with emails sent to the appropriate contact yesterday. Got an "out of office" back on it, but that makes no never mind, at least it's done.
I got up early, well, 9am and went to the shop to get coffee beans, via the video shop to return Read My Lips. On my way past The Club the party boys were just being exited; cute, funny, pilled. Bouncing on the spot. The cutest blond one smiled a crooked smile and gave me a thumbs up sign, Cheers mate!
Cheers mate, indeed, I thought, as I (warmly, nostalgically) laughed at the sight of them.
Settled into watching DVD's last night. The Glen psychodrama is back on – one day in front of an open fire with a mug of coca when we're old, I'll tell you the full truth about all of that – so I'm again banned from Ascot Vale. But my smiley little Greek boyfriend called about 9.45 to say he was horny, so I said come over. And low and behold, he did. By tram what's more, only took forty minutes. We watched the end of the film, one which wasn't the slasher type and Manny even found he even enjoyed it, cuddling on the couch. And then we lay on the mattress in the dark in front of the open fire and the glow from the hot embers on my muscle boys skin was quite exquisite.
Today, I've discovered that Mark and Luke arrive in Melbourne midnight tomorrow with me picking them up and driving them to Bolago. (Maybe I might need a little speed?) So, I've arranged for Monday off, natch.
Luke's dad called me and I'm sure that I sounded completely vague – no, I was vague, I had no idea – as he asked me about details. I struggled, momentarily, thinking I'd bluff, but then I thought, what do I care what he thinks. (You're heading towards forty years old, Christian!)
When he said midnight Sunday, I thought I was no closer to that tonight, or tomorrow night?
Midnight, you say?
You were going out tomorrow night, weren't you, he said in an accusatory tone. (Tomorrow night, interesting, I thought)
No, no, not me. Nah, just chilled, Lenny, I said. It's the weekend. (I was planning to get my cock sucked, I wanted to answer, which made me laugh and I'm sure confused father Fred)
But I manage to get the required info out of him. Ha, ha.
I was waiting for an email from Mark and Luke, which, probably will still come... and everything would have been okay without Freddy, anyway.
Essendon indeed! Woo-hoo! I listened to the team sing the song post-match. You know, it's the one club song I can never get a handle on. It's just a tuneless durge. Actually, not even a durge, as a durge has some semblance of a tune.
So there you go.
And now I've decided to study, my head has decided to ache. Bugger the world to hell! (Which would be okay if you added some tight little bottom boy’s hole and an array of drugs. Maybe?)
Why would Chris be sniffed by dogs for something he may have ingested two weeks prior?
At the risk of bringing the universe to a halt, you are taking too many pills!

SMS 20.23. Go Saints! Are you in tonight? Perhaps I could pop in for a cup of tea later? – Tom

The day just melted away. I gave up on speech writing about 8pm. Jees, listen to me. I gave up on gaydar and then a snatch at speech writing about 8pm. Wasted the whole day, from about midday. What is wrong with me?

I called Stella to tell her that neither Beck nor I would be in first thing Monday. And she did tell me that Bethany from Hardin Gant will probably do what I want because Greg Cameron, Stella’s friend, is Bethany’s boss. So more than likely she will be compliant. Cool, I thought.

I watched DVD’s. Sex with Strangers, which delved into the world of swingers. It was sad to see how sex just consumed these people. Although, admittedly, that was the only part of their lives that we were privy to. Sweet Sixteen, which was just depressing and I was glad when it was over. The Life of Annabel Chong, which was interesting, kind of. And Marijuana made in the thirties, which, if I remember rightly, was all a part of the propaganda to out-law marijuana by the oil, textile and paper industries. I fell asleep before the end.

Manny called at midnight to tell me that he and Glen had been arguing for the last two and half hours, mostly about the fact that Manny doesn’t want to have sex with him. Manny makes all kinds of excuses… lame ones, to be sure, because he only wants to have sex with me. What kind of looser is Glen? Well, I suppose anyone who buys a relationship… that’s the kind of loser that he is.
But I can hear it in Manny’ voice, always, after he has spent any time with Glen. He sounds little and frail… it makes me sad. But, Manny has chosen this. Admittedly, it is his past that has chosen this, given him no option. Am I making excuses? Maybe. Is he just using people for money? He is using Glen. But, he has paid the money he owes me off to two and a half thousand, down from four thousand.

Friday, May 14, 2004

friday on our minds

It's the end of the week Missy!
And the end of your "hard week" too I'd wager!
So, let us celebrate!
And let's have wonderfully productive days!

SMS. 8.48. Hello u! I have my new phone so can txt u practically all day, 4 free:) Have a nice day – Rachel
SMS 9.27. First you bitch and then you die. The world's fucked. Good morning – christian
SMS. 9.29. I'm off to Pakistan. Osama has the right idea – christian

Rachel called me laughing. I said the whole world is full of cunts. She agreed.
She told me how Christopher was bashed in Sydney. When Christine called to tell her, Rachel replied, Obviously they didn't hit him hard enough, otherwise you'd be talking about the funeral. Christine told Rachel she was awful. Christine had thought it, but she wasn't about to say it.

I wrote out the questions last night and I also wrote an introductory email, which I have now sent.
Do you want to peruse the questions? I'll attach them just in case.
I got to bed at 1am, feeling very pleased with myself. Well, pleasedish.
I sat up wrapped in my doona watching Big Brother up late, smoking and drinking tea, without a care in the world. (I don't deny that I am prone to delusion.)
So, one more to go. (Don't you love the fact that I'm talking about this one as if it's already completed.
☺ christian

Dinner with Kym was lovely. Not to mention that she sorted me with one of my assignment's questions. So I got them done after she'd gone and I wrote an introductory email to my contact, which I have now sent.
Then I sat up in bed with tea and a ciggy watching Big Bro Up Late. I tell you – I have another dirty little secret – that Igor, in his silk boxer shorts, does it for me. I think it's the w/b voice. Mm, mm.
Have a lovely day, miss.

SMS. 15.24. Hey it's Jude here...Do you still want to come to see Wes' show cos I'm going to book a table and need some sort of numbers so I should count u in yes? Great 2 c u the other day – Jude

Manny came into see me at work. He had five hundred dollars to deposit into my credit card – he spoken on Thursday night about depositing three thousand dollars, me writing a letter saying that he’d paid me off completely and then me withdrawing the money again and giving it to him. When I asked why, he said don’t ask any questions. I still wrote him the letter and still asked what was going on, to which he repeated, Don’t ask any questions.

I worked out it was to Glen, so who cares. What Manny has done to get more money out of Glen, I don’t know? But I can’t call him anymore or go over to his place, which kind of suites me since it is so often quite one-sided in my always going over to his place whenever we meet up.

I settled into watching DVD’s, I went to the shop and got four, while I was waiting for my fish and chips to cook. Manny called at 7.30 to say that he was having dinner and that he’d call me later. At 9.45 he called saying that he was horny and wanted to come over. Initially, I wasn’t so responsive and he picked it up, but I was on pause for a movie I was enjoying... with an open-fire blazing. I didn’t mean to sound like that it just came out that way, so I enthused a little more. And he came over and watched the end of Read My Lips with me. I like holding him in my arms as we sit on the couch. Then I put a mattress down in front of the fire and we lay there together naked bathed in the gentle glow of the burning embers. It was very nice.

I drove him home later, dropping him off surreptitiously away from his front door, just in-case Glen had the place staked-out for evidence of Manny fraternising with the enemy. I should be horrified by all of that, but I’m taking it as intrigue and suspense. Besides, it’s his relationship and not mine. It’s his psychodrama. I don’t have to deal with Glen and I’m happy for Manny to be off doing other things, if he wants. If he chooses to spend that time with a controlling drama-queen, that’s his problem.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

what boys want

Rain, rain, rain all day
pool in my lower back,
drip into my hairy crack.

drip, drip, drip from my yonni
please Lucifer
make me cum red honey.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

what girls want

Rain, rain, rain all day
please universe
wash out my cunt with spray.

drip, drip, drip from my yonni
please Lucifer
suck my snatch's red lava.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Touching Straight Boys Up

SMS. 8.33. Hmm, got blond muscle boys in suits jammed against me in the train. Woof! - Tom

SMS. 8.43. I dare you to touch one of them up - Christian

SMS. 8.45. I pushed my arse into one's crotch, easy, the carriage was jammed. I could feel his shaft and nuts against my right cheek. I applied pressure. It was horny - Tom

SMS. 8.52. Good way to get smacked about - Christian

SMS. 8.59. Now ya talking, babe! - Tom

Monday, May 10, 2004

Black-eyed Monday

Josh had been quiet over lunch. Monday. The "it is" day. It is here.

“It’s black eyed Monday,” said Josh. “To be sure.”

“You are too funny! You know I think I shall drop around tonight!” Stella reached forward and rubbed Josh's hand. “Love ya.”

“Lovely!” said Josh. "Tonight would be great."

Stella sat back in her chair and smiled.

“There is a big group of Italian and Greek men outside our building, construction guys,” said Stella. “Just for you!!!”

“I did notice,” said Josh. “Do you know which part of them I was thinking about most?”

“Not interested,” said Stella

“Although, you did notice... and what nationalities they were too. Mmmmm!” said Josh. “Me thinks the,” fingers in the air, "not interested," fingers in the air, close quotations, “isn't exactly true.”

“You really couldn’t see past their noses,” said Stella. “Now could you?”

"See, you do know which part attracted my attention," said Josh.

"Well, I was just having a squizz to see if there were any cuties and to see if my ex was amongst them, as he works for a construction company."

“Oh yes, he's the one who... suits my criteria, huh?”

“Yep,” said Stella

“Miro and Kostas and George and Nichos... mmmm!”


“I think I creamed my jocks.”

“There were a few… fair-haired, not so woggy ones there...”

“Didn't notice,” said Josh.

“Of course you didn't, couldn't get past the noses... "

“Black hair, olive skin, big brown eyes, large noses,” said Josh. He hung his tongue out of his mouth. “Now you are talking, baby!”

Stella rolled her eyes and sipped her coffee.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Tax Auditor

The Tax Office sends their auditor to a synagogue. The auditor is doing all the checks and then turns to the Rabbi, and says, I noticed that you buy a lot of candles.
Yes, answered the Rabbi.
Well, Rabbi, what do you do with the candle drippings? he asked.
A good question, noted the Rabbi. We actually save them up and when we have enough, we send them back to the candle maker and every now and then, they send us a free box of candles.
Oh, replied the auditor, somewhat, disappointed that his unusual question actually had a practical answer.
Rabbi, what about all these matzo purchases? What do you do with the crumbs from the matzo?
Ah, yes, replied the Rabbi calmly, we actually collect up all the crumbs from the matzo and when we have enough, we send them in a box back to the manufacturer and every now and then, they send a whole box of matzo balls.
Oh, replied the auditor, thinking hard how to fluster the Rabbi. Well, Rabbi, he went on, what do you do with all the foreskins from the circumcisions?
Yes, here too, we do not waste, answered the Rabbi. What we do is save up all the foreskins, and when we have enough we actually send them to the Tax Office, and about once a year they send us a complete dick like you.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Secret Women's Business

I haven't been checking my emails for the last few days because of that nasty worm. My computer is still completely unprotected anti-virus wise.
Must learn how to update my anti-virus protection. You know Shane gave me a whizz-bang anti virus thingie on CD, but I seem to have lost it. Whoosh, gone. Which is odd, as I never normally lose stuff.
I'm good, been busy with people coming over. D and Rachel Wednesday, Jane Thursday. Someone Tuesday, but they appear to have made no impression, hey? (Oh no, mum's dinner. I've changed her to Tuesday nights) Supposed to be Manny last night, but I've also had pains in my stomach for the lay few days, so I cancelled him and watched a Stanley Kuberik movie, Barry Lyndon, with Aby instead. It was very long, but beautiful, every shot and I think I spent 3 too many hours with me head propped up against the arm of the couch and this morning I have a killer head ache, emanating from my neck, I believe. Just popped two Mersyndol.
I was walking down Bourke Street on Tues./Wed and I saw my old flatmate Claire, who, as she said, I haven't seen in fifteen years. We were both in a rush, I, of course, was running late for work. I kind of regret not getting a contact for her so we could do lunch. She said she worked for the land trust, but what that means, I have no idea now. But I did tell her where I worked and she was just coming from a meeting in my building, almost my floor actually. So it would be nice if she gave me a call and we did lunch. But I'm not holding my breath, really.
I heard from Tim a couple of days ago, he says that everyone has split up, or is going to. Luke with Darren… and Luke now wants to move in here. (That'll get you round here, hey?) Tim said he was also going to split up with Terry, but I assumed he was joking, except for him saying that he can no longer live with old misery guts, so it's hard not to take him seriously, hey?
Tim asked how you were.
Aby's car got broken into out the front, in broad daylight – she's talked about it all week. Almost bought it on, one might say. It's funny, as I can't remember any of our cars being broken into? Nick and Mark's cars got stolen, of course. But that's hardly the same thing, don't you reckon?
I haven't heard from Mark and Luke for a few days, which is a shame as something is happening with their service provider and unless they contact xxx before Monday the Bolago Website is coming down.
I so have to do some study today and then I'm going to a play tonight and then I'm off to Kynenton tomorrow for mother's day. Lovely.
The lovely Manny is going to drop in for some afternoon delight, too. So he says. Again, not holding my breath, sweetie. And when I said to him he should come around last night to pat my head, he said he'd be embarrassed to do so because I now have a flat mate. I was just talking about a bit of therapeutic patting. I think I must have eaten a slightly off chicken wrap Wednesday.
How's the coldsores? Are they going to impinge on your myriad of dates this weekend?
D said you went on the dinner date with him on Tuesday. How was that?
And how are you missy? I do hope that sugar has seeped in where only lemons were, earlier in the week. I hope you are feeling stronger and happier.
Stella was coming over at 9am this morning, with Patrick, so we could go to Gluttony to eat cake, but she cancelled, funnily enough, because of a sore neck. Probably a good thing now that I'm feeling oh so head-achy. Patrick really is a gorgeous kid, but at two and a half, just a full-on little man. A fact I shared with Jane just a few days ago.
Nearly all girls have been my visitors, you may have noticed. I think I may be over-dosing on the girlfriend front. The curse of the gay man, one might say. Although, not me, natch.
So I hope I find you full of joy and light on this, er, somewhat cool Saturday morning.
Perhaps, all we need now is a little sun.
Haven't seen you for, what seems like, ages. You haven't met Aby, as yet. When I talk about you to her, she says, oh yes, your friend Tom, which does seem odd.

Hey Christian,
Yes it has been a while...
THAT friend of yours Tom, hasn't been hiding, just busy I think...
My Friday nite date(s) cancelled because they both have cold sores (Fancy) and tonight I've got the 22yr old...
Tell Manny Hi from me.
I almost feel like coming over for a visit myself! Well not almost, I DO feel like coming over for a visit!

It's 1.11.
Coldsores all a round, fancy indeed.
But the bounciness of a twenty-two year old...
Luke's not moving in, apparently he's got a dog. But he did suggest a twenty-three year old ex-policeman, just ex apparently. But I think we've declined. Twenty-three is too young. Still smarting from Penny, I guess.
Well, come over and visit then, miss. Come and meet Aby, you'll like her.
I HAVE to do study Sunday night.
School Monday.
Mum Tuesday.
Jude's coming over Wednesday.
Kym's coming Thursday.
And then Friday...
Manny came to the play, it was the first time we have actually gone to something together, as Manny said. True too. It's interesting going out with someone who is the life of the party – Mark and Luke – to someone who is somewhat uncomfortable in social circles. No judgement, just different. Different people. It's good to be different, hey?
But it was nice, looking over to see his smiling face. He enjoyed the play. It was good. Very funny.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Let them eat cake

I've made a mental note to myself every day for the last week or so to drop you a line and, damn it, every day I rush out of the building at 6:30ish having done only half the things I'd planned to do during the day. Decided to take a different strategy – thought I should make you first(ish) cab off the rank… and TA DA… here's my e-mail.

So, how are you?

I've given up smoking – again. Had my last one at 6:45 pm on Monday. Mind you, when I say I've given up I know I have all intentions of being a social smoker. Still, haven't had a smoke for a few days and that's a good thing (I think). I worked out that there were some smokes I enjoyed more than others. The one's I'm missing most are the ones I'd have with my coffee while I was writing in the morning. I can still taste cigarettes in my mouth – I don't know whether that's because my lungs have to clear out or because my body's playing tricks on me. How about you – smoking or not?

I've also managed to almost get re-enrolled at uni. Have spoken to the tutor (who oddly, enough seemed a bit reluctant to take me on until I reassured her that I have in fact been writing). Sadly she's not going to take me at my word – I've gotta send a thousand or so words to her. Fortunately for me I have a spare 20,000 or so to send so I should be able to jump that little hurdle… now which piece do you think I should send – they're all a bit rude…

Am about to have a week and a half off work so if you have any time for catching up that would be splendid. Even if you don't have time I think you should make time, what with my very important 41st birthday coming up (I can feel the fortyoneness). I want cake. I want cake and your company. I want cake, your company and maybe a ciggie or two.
And now I'd better get back to all the other stuff I actually get paid to do.
Seeya ☺

Lovely to hear from you.
I have a feeling that I have an sms from you to which I didn't respond. I was just thinking about you last night, as I was at my computer contemplating the worm – that's the virus computer type worm and not the Greek boy type worm, you understand – and whether I should send you an email, or not. And then coincidentally, straight Greek boyfriend called and I go distracted. But I am trying to avoid using my emails (at home) just for a few days until the worm subsides.
So bad Christian for not replying.
I have a new flatty, she moved in last weekend. Aby, the film maker. She's nice.
And I might even have another lined up. Baby Luke.
Smoking. I gave up for ten days and by the tenth day I felt so depressed I thought it was either cigarettes or suicide. (Of course, I never thought about the nicotine patches I have secreted away) Or even a doobie would have been good. But no, straight to the shop with the determination of an incensed, northern suburbs, receptionist.
Yes, we must catch up, I think I'm free next, next Wednesday, or after. Time in the day. Time in the day. Time in the day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
It's lovely that you are coming back to school. I enrolled in Symbols, just this week. Kym Smith was delighted to have me. Well, not have.... fingers in the ears. La, la, la.... (That image could scar a boy)
Who does your tutor think she is? Why is it up to her if you re-enrol or not. I think you should send her the an*l s*x scene. No, send her the whole lot, via email, so it takes hours to down load.
Anyway, I must do some work too.

Hello back,
What about next Thursday evening for catch up?

That would be delightful.

okay, see you then – what time's good for you (are you still exercising after work?)

Exercising, oh you do make me laugh – just name a time.

Okay, how about 7:00 at your place and we'll take it from there (I can probably be earlier if you think you'll fall over with hunger before then)
PS: that's the day after my birthday – I think we need to eat cake. I know we need to eat cake. ☺

Lovely. (Let them eat) Cake it is!

Evening Christian.
Happy Friday Night!
How are you? We've been a bit quiet on the old email this week – not too much to say i guess.
It all went in a bit of a blur for me, that’s for sure.
Up to anything interesting this weekend?

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Curly-haired bike boy

As I was about to round the corner into my street, a young guy whooshed past on his bike. A curly-haired, sparkly-eyed young lad. He looked sideways in my direction and smiled, checked me out, checked my position, maybe. I thought to myself, that's just what I need, as I watched him ride away, in his pin-striped pants, with his blue and orange striped jocks just showing, fetchingly, above the waistband. He strode on his pedals, with big strong legs. The pinstripes ran up his trousers, meeting at a point right on the centre of his arse. His pants had one of those small belts at the back, attached to each of his cheeks, buckling them together, pulling him shut.

As I slid the key in the door, I heard a throat clear behind me. It was Curly-haired Bike Boy.
I raised my eyebrows as I looked at him at the gate.
"Aren't you going to invite me in?"
More confidence than was deserved. I laughed. "Pardon?"
He had an angelic face, one eye closed, one hand over his forehead, to focus on me. "I thought I'd stop and say hello."
"Hello," I said.
He went to the Catholic university, he'd been studying all day and he really needed something to relax him.
"I've been admiring your," he looked to the left, "flowers and I'd really like to pick one, but never would without asking first." Big smile. White teeth. Cute face, he knew it. Turned to maximum charm to get what he wanted.
"I see," I said. "But what happens when the next person and the next person asks? What do I do? I would have none for myself?" I was flirting with him, he knew it.
"But, I'm not just anyone." He smiled confidently. "I'm sure you would have to agree that I asked you very nicely?"
"That you did," I said. I couldn't help but smile at the handsome stranger.
We gazed at each other. He adjusted his feet, but the smile never faded. He tilted his head to the side and widened his eyes. I couldn't help but laugh. Angelic determination, a combination to overthrow the world.
"Sure you can have one," I said. "Since you asked so nicely."
"I have no idea how I could repay you," he almost said in mock southern sincerity.
I said deadpan, no expression. "I'm sure I could think of something." Then I held his gaze. I think he was waiting for me to say more.
He suddenly blushed red.
"Well." He smile. "Thanks."
"You're welcome," I said. Smiled again. Turned and went into the house.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

She laughed nervously

(picture of Miss Piggy with her tit exposed)
Good morning.

That is very funny. (I'm surprised it got through my IT department scrutiny)
How are you?

I'm very good thanks – will have to pop around and see you soon.... Found any new housemates? Luke is asking about moving in there – he needs somewhere in a month or so... Interested? If so I will send him around. (i will come too) darren and him have split up.... Just like Terry and I will be this weekend. He has been away all week so I haven’t talked to him yet. There is only so long you can stay with a misery guts I guess... that was nasty... wasn’t it... he he...
How’s your love life? How’s Tom? How’s your pussy? God I've been slack – might come over and visit on the weekend if you're home... sorry I've been a slack ass. Kiss kiss.

SMS 14.42. R U free 4 an early drink 2nite? – Rachel

Who? What? Huh? What's going on? Pardon? Misery who? Broke up when? Goodness!
One new flatmate moved in on the weekend, Aby. I'm looking for another. Sure, I reckon Luke would be fine, if he's looking for somewhere to live. Bloody hell, I'd have to get my act together and clean up though.
I did polish the floorboards, but. And the bathroom’s finished.
My love life's good, Manny is living up to expectations. A good part-timer... that's all I need... anybody needs, I reckon.
Tom's good. Misbehaving, of course. He's getting over a big weekend.
Red's been, seemingly, on deaths door, but he has come good again. But age is catching up with him that's for sure. His age is showing.
I'll be home Saturday, got to go to the country Sunday for Mother's day.
It would be nice to see you, slack arse.

Rachel came over. She was off to have drinks with Dan, Mike's housemate. Big, blond Dan with the swagger. Cool, Mike with the Porsche.
Obviously, she likes to play in complicated circles, fucking both of them. Married lady seeing the housemate of the guy she's been seeing behind her husband's back.
She said last night that it might just be easier to get caught, all things considered.
Maybe, I said.
She laughed, nervously.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

drab tuesday

Hey christian,
The tuesday after the saturday...hmmm I'd almost forgotten how it feels.
After having you know whats fed to me like smarties on Sunday, I'm sure I'm just a tad serotonin depleted today - might make for a good counselling session this arvo, or it could just all be a blur.
Feeling blurry right now...
Big brother was kind of weird, watching it while peaking, as was the ozzie extreme makeovers – the minibus and shared motel room were my favourites...
Hope this find you well and happy..

Um... hang on Miss. Tomorrow will be another day.

I'm okay and have cancelled all appointments ☺

Cancelled all appointments.... it has a nice ring to it, hey?

Cold hey....well we're sitting in the warm Umbrian sunshine, we found this gorgeous little b&b run by 3 queens, the web address is It's a bit of a find really...The autostrada is just mental but i love it, I think Australia should adopt the same system....We wont be staying the extra week, mum and dad have already booked their return to Tassie, and Toby and Safron (the transcendental meditation group), have taken the C. family's booking, so we have to be home for that, to be honest I think I'll be well and truly ready to come home anyway, there's just too many fucking people, we truly need another plague or something... Anywho, one of the boys here is taking us on a tour of the area, we're going to a Franciscan monestry owned by an Aussie, and some thermal springs somewhere to have a swim, just gorgeous sweetie... Love Lu.

God awful people... I hate them all. Just pests, the whole lot - well, about half of them, let’s be fair. Some sort of human mortien... dare I say, anthrax. No, no… bad Christian. Just an escape away from all of them, where they can't come...get too.... Oo! By Jove (I've often wondered who Jove was?) I do believe we've got one of those.
Hang on, Red's developed this neat trick of crawling up my leg whenever I'm on the computer. Claws and all, I might add. He's turned into a needy little one, let me tell you. Just popping him on his stool.
I've had a few chats with Michael, he's off to Spain. Lovely!
Oh, moi gourd...Il Galo Rosso is too beautiful for words. Herumph!
I had a fag with Adrianna this morning, she'd good for goss. Apparently, Alex isn't talking to me, although he still sees you two. Oh, I'm surprised.
Did I tell you that Rob wanted an annulment from Loli about ten minutes after we left that night. Plus his surname back. Too much scotch, apparently. Now I'm just telling stories, but all true, thanks to Ant. Apparently, Charlie was selling S from the bathroom. Apparently? Who'd have guessed? (Not sure if I've told you all this before. If I have, just ignore. Can't be bothered looking back over my emails to check.) And Charlie's the devil incarnate, now, apparently. That made me smile. True, I thought. But what a cheeky devil he is, I also thought.
Anyway, I'm now off to mum's, in the cold, the wet and the sleet. I've changed her to Tuesday nights. So, I go to school Monday and mum Tuesday and then I have the rest of the week free. Jane's coming over tomorrow night. I must remember to give her those books.
And yes, come home. Just too spoilt otherwise, the two of you.

Some of the gang

Now who have I've lived with over the years. My friends gravitate to me, particularly when their relationships break up. I've been called Reno on more than one occasion.
No so many girls, it's usually a boy's house. It just seems to have that spirit. But there have been girls too. They've all been a joy, except for...
Kim February 1998 in
Shane September 1998 in
Nella 01st August 1999 in
Nella clashed with Kim.
Nella 21st April 2000 out
Julien March 15th 2001 in
Kim July 2001 out
Julien and Shane clashed with Kim in the end.
Tim August 2002 in
Shane January 2003 out
Penny April 2003 in
Julien June 2003 out
Penny 01st August 2003 out
Terry October 2003 in
Terry was part time, b/f of resident. Young, blond flight attendant. Enormous shlong, apparently. He just found out he was positive when he began living with us, so his time was fraught.
Tim 22nd January 2004 out
Terry 22nd January 2004 out
Ab 1st May 2004 in

Monday, May 03, 2004

Oh Monday

Morning miss
You be gentle with yourself today.
I'll be thinking of you.

Thanks Miss, an easy day today, cancelled work and am going to a friends to chill this arvo instead...
Beyond was a great night out btw, highly recommended
I love ya and thanks for the thought Christian.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Do do do. Do do do.

do do doo do do do doo do doo......and back to you, you...
Well, i did it, I sat on 180 down the autostrada for about half an hour, what a buzz! That's the fastest I've ever ever been, it was really lots of fun and very safe. The roads are so beautiful and there was no one on them today, because every fuckin Italian is in Florence for May Day. The place is literally seething with humanity, it's absolutely awful, god I hate people. They really turn a beautiful place into a nightmare.
I don't know whether you’d agree though, as the place is slimy with Italian boys, every shape and size. Some of them are just breathtaking, if you like that sort of thing.
Off to get some dinner. Love to you and Aby...

I played with the lovely Manny, last night. We watched Thelma and Louise. He was Thelma, I was Louise. I guess that means I was the one with the gun? He, he. He went over the cliff, face first, with his pants around his ankles...

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Handy man Christian

Floors are done, 2 coats instead of four – I feel like all I've talked about is the floors, clearly I need to get out more – and they look gorgeous.
Last night, I lay on the couch and read, with a fire going and all the windows and doors open, and I could taste the fumes on my lips and in the back of my throat. Blur!