Thursday, March 31, 2016

Killing Rinos

Killing Rinos for the aphraodisastic qualities of their horns, (the loss of a magnificent species just to make men with small penis' feel better about themselves, repeat that to yourself a few times) is kind kin to us denying global warming as the planet falls to pieces. 

Neither make any sense.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Working again.

I've taken on a job for 2 months, April and May. Jack called me last week, "It'll be easy," he said. There was some talk about me doing it permanently, and the big blokey boss mentioned yesterday in our chat when I first arrived, but I don't think so. It is going change to be a full time role, and I don't want to work full time. I, at least, should make some attempt to write, it is what i want to do after all.

It is why I got two new housemates, so I can work less.

I think I am allergic to permanent roles, ha ha, no not really. It is just that I am happy doing contract work, I don't know why I even consider a permanent role. Just do what you are doing, Christian and enjoy the time off it gives. permanent roles are to much of a commitment. All those KPIs and PDRs, it is all too much. And, really, a waste of time. Let the managers do that sort of stuff, that is what they get paid for after all.

Oh well, no time to tra la la around, gotta go.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Autumn colours

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pink Hibiscus

Waking from Dreams

I woke up from my dreams and gazed at the darkness all around. Instantly, I couldn’t remember instantly what I’d been dreaming about, but in my bed it was silent, not a sound. I lay very comfortably and told my mind to be calm, “Don’t wander.” Think sleepy thoughts slumber. But it was no good, I was awake, and ticking over, thinking of things off yonder. I pulled myself from the covers which were warm, I felt around in the dark for my pants, there was a chill in the air. I couldn’t find my hoodie, may be because it was black, despite finding things by feel, so I headed downstairs sans. It is funny some people are scared of the dark, I find it comforting, in a strange kind of way. I swapped hands with my laptop so I could grab the handrail, we've all tumbled down the stairs, fail. I’ve always found the black embracing, I’ll sit at my computer screen until the day turns pale. Before the others wake and greet the day, and chat to me breaking my trail of thought. Up early with the birds, falling asleep in the afternoon, lovely life, Sam tells me. I looked up through the glass roof at the sky, to make three wishes on the moon… except there were clouds, forming a shroud, fluffy and grey, I made the wishes anyway.

Friday, March 25, 2016


I wrote poetry all day. I guess, my life is going pretty well. Money in the bank. My house paid off. Writing poetry. 

I dreamed that a Harvard literary PHD student (Is there such a thing) takes (steals) my poems and submits them as his own for his PHD. He is found out and it is a big scandal. The following international publicity puts my poems on the bestseller list.

Let's face it, that is the only way anyone is going to make money out of poetry.

Tell that to Pam Ayres, as she dashes about in her Porsche 911,  I guess.

Glass half full and all that.

Gender Fluid

We watched a doco on young people who felt they had fluid sexuality. “I am non-specific. I am not a boy, I am not a girl. I am non-specific.” They were whatever sexuality they felt they were for that day, for that period of time that they felt it. They could be a girl, they could be a boy, it can change, they can feel whichever sex they felt they were at any given time.

I’d never heard this before, it was fascinating, it was hard to get your mind around. I had trouble and I am a lefty with an open mind about sexuality, I can’t imagine what, shall we say, a traditionalist might think. Not that it really matters, just thinking.

I'm not sure what I thought. You know like when you try to imagine a totally new colour?

You learn something every day. Scratch of the head.

I'm not sure where you'd begin with this, as a parent. It must be a stretch for any parent. I guess you do what any good parent does, listen. It kind of makes having a gay kid seem like a walk in the park. But then again, what do I know, I don't have any kids.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Red Face

Good old Jack

Jack called with a job for me for two months starting the Tuesday after Easter.

Oh, why don't you leave me along, I think. I took the job, ugh! Against my better judgement, but I have a strict rule to accept all jobs that come my way, unless I can muster a serious objection, like having to drive for an hour, or having to suck too much arse. (and never the arse you want to suck) The new job is walking distance. Damn you Jack!

I guess that is hardly the attitude, I have friends who can't get jobs. They'd give an awful lot to be employed, when I am giving an awful lot not to be. Oh well. That is just how life is sometimes, as we all know. I'm lucky, I guess. Or did I just work damn hard to get to this point? I never really felt like I worked so hard, but other people say I did. I just did a job while I enjoyed it, and I stopped doing when I didn't enjoy it any longer. I'm lucky. 

I don't really enjoy it any longer. I'm finding it increasingly hard to smile and count to ten when I have to deal with morons, and there are so many morons, and they don't even know they are morons. Increasingly my response is, life is just too short, I'm out of here.

New technology

I'm watching my new heating unit being installed with greater and greater horror, as it is now a wall mounted unit. It was not able to be moved to a different position in the back yard, because in a terrace house there aren't that many "other positions" and I now I have, what looks like a refrigerator attached to my back wall, just outside the back door. Really? Oh, er, um, oh... it couldn't be worse, if it tried. No really, it couldn't be more awful. Oh, fucken yuk!

And the tradie has thrash metal playing loudly on a radio. I feel like I am in Guantanamo Bay Torture chamber... all need is to be stripped naked and have water poured on my head.

It is all too horrible... yes, sure, I could be a Somalian prostitute locked in a cupboard in Vladivostock never seeing the light of day, other than from the cigarette lighers of the john's who fuck me raw every 30 minutes, sure... but it is all relative.

Yes, of course, I went outside and told the tradie it looked terrrible. :) No, subtly has never been one of my strong suits. Of course, he thought I was commenting on his work. :o Oops. So, then I spent the next 5 minutes reassuring him of his manhood. Really? People are so self-focused. "No, not your fault, I didn't mean that..." o.O Me and my big mouth. I should learn not to think out loud.

Afterwards I realised, that at the start, when the tradie asked if he could cut back the garden, I said, "Cut whatever you like." We have a huge clump of strelitzia, half of which our red-haired tradie cut away. If I'd only though, had I only realised, we could have pulled them back with a rope and with a bit of luck they wouldn't have broken and they would have covered up the new unit just fine. Don't you hate it when that happens? 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is being developed and robots are coming. Self actuating, learning robots are what we are talking about. Robots that can think and learn for themselves. 

Really, humans? Do you think that is wise? You want to create something that is smarter than you? You should be very careful with that sort of thing.

You know what will happen, what the ultimate irony will be, that the self-learning, evolving robots will eventually kill us human beings to save themselves and the planet.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

An even better sunrise. I could see the golden light coming in through my balcony windows as soon as I woke up this morning. The gorgeous yellow light was illuminating the inside of the room like something magical. It was gorgeous, luscious, dreamy light, it made getting out of bed delightful.

What a glorious sunrise, those colours are magical.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tony Abbott is a recurring nightmare that just won't stop

Tony Abbott is a recurring nightmare that just won't stop. The depth and breath of his delusion is gobsmacking, as he carries on acting like the Prime Minister, as though last September didn't happen.

Tony Abbott claimed that the Turnbull government "is seeking election fundamentally on the record of the Abbott government." 

Malcolm Turnbull, naturally, had to respond. 

"There are many policies that have been announced and many initiatives that have been undertaken that were either not policies or not being pursued by Mr Abbott."

I saw the interview with Abbott last night. Who else saw this? Whose mouth dropped open like mine did? I had no words...

Tony, Tony, Tony, get over it. Build a bridge, buddy. You lost. Have some fucking dignity.

I said I didn't have any words, but actually I do... fuck off Tony. Nobody likes you, nobody wants you back, except you. Go eat some worms.

and... if there was a god, the next time Tony Abbott says, "We stopped the boats," his head would explode and his blood and brain matter would splatter all over the nearest wall. 

I thought we'd heard the last of this utter dickhead saying he stopped the boats, I can't believe how stressed I felt hearing him saying it yet again. I really thought that broken record was behind us.

You know something, I'm going to say it, I think that the Liberal Government will lose the next election, due to them being totally dysfunctional and seemingly incapable of governing, not to mention more negative press than positive, not to mention the evil shadow of Grim Reaper Abbott, and they will become the first one term government since the second world war.

Then we get more three word slogans, Continuity and Change, which just goes to prove how much of an amateur hour it really is, when it is shown that that particular three word slogan was used first by a satirical TV show. Really? Now we're connecting the Liberal party with a real life joke? (And I am not talking about Lie-about-whatever-it-takes-to-get-into-power Tony Abbott) Who is piloting the Good Ship Piss-Their-First-Term-Away now that Stupid Big Ears and I-must-be-obeyed-Lurch have been given the heave ho?

Monday, March 21, 2016

I'm very happy with my baby rubber plant sprouting its first new leaf.
 Sam cut a cutting from the rubber plant at his work at the end of last year.
"Just cut a tip off when nobody is looking," I said. "Nobody will ever notice."
He wasn't keen to start with, but with a little encouragement, I got my rubber plant.
It is always exciting watching a cutting come to life

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Safe Schools just a pawn in the Liberal Party disunity

Apparently, the Liberal Party's efforts to bring down the Safe Schools has very little to do with Safe Schools and has a lot to do with Tony Abbott and the conservative side of the Liberal Party bringing down Malcolm Turnbull and reinstalling Tony Abbott as Prime Minister again.

It is a very sad day when vulnerable youth are used as a political football.

It is really telling about Abbott, and how little he cares about the electorate and much he cares about himself. (But then we already knew that) 

The conservative forces in Australia want to install their agenda on the Australian people, clearly, at any cost.

I'm beginning to wonder if it is for any tangible benefit? It feels like it is simply because they have to be right. (no pun intended) I say this because the only thing Tony Abbott's constant and pointed sniping is going to do is destabilise the Liberal Government, so the only goal can be to bring down the Turnbull Government. There can be no other goal? And what would this achieve? The only thing it would achieve is to prove Tony Abbott right.

I would call this wilfully pathetic.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Political Correctness

What does Political Correctness mean now a days? It is so often used as a derogatory, generic term by those who want to hit out at the world against some kind of, more often than not personal, perceived injustices. Political Correctness has gone mad. But the world is now politically correct, it has been completely embraced by the world at large, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If someone doesn’t know not to call a woman “my bitch”, or a black guy a “nigger”, or a gay guy a “filthy AIDS ridden bum monkey”, there is a set of guide lines that points out to them what terms they should be using. So what the person who is railing against political correctness is, effectively, saying is I don’t like the modern world. Not only that, they are saying, I don’t like the modern world and I am going to show an astonishing lack of world awareness in the process. It kind of amuses me that they can’t see that. So, when I hear a person say Political Correctness has gone mad, what I hear them say is, I am an ignorant bastard and the world has left me behind, which is often hilarious, in the context of what the complainer is saying.

The smart people are subversive with Political Correctness and they get humour.

The dumb people are subversive with Political Correctness and they get Donald Trump.