Saturday, April 30, 2005


A full blazing sun burning in the blue sky of my life.

Me. Today. It's where I am.

A flower in full bloom.

A high speed race in the midst of the drama.

A rocket ship to the moon, on full thrust.

A full banquette being gorged upon.

Friday, April 29, 2005


I was sitting over the left engine, as we taxied down the runway. The sun shone, the sky was a pretty blue, clear, crisp and still.

I looked down at the silver ring around the edge of the engine and at the white stripe around it and the blue stripe behind that and I could see them reflected in the half circle bay in the sand, white, by the water, blue.

I thought about the notion of home, as I gazed out of the window, as the ground fell away into a patchwork of different shades of green, as my eyes filled with tears and I thought of Mark and Luke and my mum.
On-time performance is important to you, and therefore important to us. To ensure your flight leaves on time you must arrive at the check in desk at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure, for all your flights, so you may complete all the required check in and security procedures. Arrival after this time will not guarantee you a boarding pass and may result in you forfeiting the fare paid. This is particularly important at peak periods.
Boarding of the aircraft commences 15 minutes prior to take off. Please be aware that departure of your aircraft will not be held if you arrive after this time.
Flight No DJ990
(Blue Saver*)
Melbourne Virgin Blue Terminal
1015hr (10:15am), Fri 29 Apr 2005
Sydney Virgin Blue - T2
1135hr (11:35am), Fri 29 Apr 2005

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hot Thursday

SMS. (27.04.05. 21.50) Call me if u need 2 the phone is on – Rachel
SMS. (27.04.05 22.25) Call me if you want to de brief – Tom
SMS. 6.33. Home morning sweetie. How did u go last night? Hope this doesn’t wake u tee hee! – Rachel

I must have been a bit emotional, as Rachel and Tom’s messages made me cry as I stood in the kitchen.

SMS. 8.08. Luke Ball… woof! – christian
SMS. 8.40. Yeah very. How’s ya mum? – Tom
SMS. 8.42. I’ll email you – christian

Hey Christian
What's up?
How's ya Mum?
Have a late night?

Well, the bottom line is that they found that she has a slight potassium deficiency... oh, and an irregular heart rhythm.
But about the blood pressure, when she got to the hospital her blood pressure was elevated, but after an hour it returned to 140/80. So I have a theory... she has an adversarial relationship with her doctor so when she goes to him her blood pressure goes up. She says the tablets are having an adverse effect on her and his answer is for her to take more. She goes home, her blood pressure returns to normal, she takes the tablets and her blood pressure drops down low. Low blood pressure is consistent with how she says the tablets make her feel.
I reckon she is being treated for high blood pressure by a pig-headed doctor when she doesn't have high blood pressure at all.
She's going to a new doctor today.

That sounds very plausible indeed.
Is she still in hospital?

No, she's home. The doctor said she would let her go home as I would stay with her. Mum shook her head surreptitiously as if to say you don't need to do that.

Well, I can't wait to hear all about it.
I'm getting my hairs cut at 5 and will be @ your place after that, probably with a forbidden ciggy in hand no less!

Do you want me to stay and feed cat this weekend?

I reckon that would be good, I guess, depending on what Aby is doing.
I don't suppose you want to drive me to the airport in the morning?

I sat next to a guy at lunch who was doing a mighty fine impression of being Alex Demitriadis' younger brother. I just couldn't look at him.
Guess what his name was when he went to leave?


What time?
I will if I can.

I'm at your place now.
Aby still seems to be away.

10.15am. We'll talk when I get home. No drama, I can drive myself, as I was going to.

(Josh) Bonvoyage
Speak to you when I get back from Sydney, Chook!

Tom came over to say good bye, before he went on a date with Darren at Club 80, missing The Great Race. I was going to tape it for him but he said he already was at home. Later, he told me that he’d programmed his TV to the wrong channel.

SMS. 21.37. What 2 wear…what 2 wear? C U in Sydney luv! – Rachel
SMS. 21.42. Fuck I’m stoned. Haven’t packed. Have to dye my hair. And The Great Race is on – christian
SMS. 21.45. DO NOT DYE YOUR FUCKING HAIR! U don’t want to look like Alex Monsoon do u? We want Kris and Jon 2 win The Great Race – Rachel

Stupidly, I let Rachel intimidate me out of dying my hair.

SMS. 21.46. Altho we like Adam and Rebecca too! – Rachel
SMS. 21.47. We all want Adam! – christian
SMS. 21.48. Is Alexander going? – christian
SMS. 21.48. Alexander NOT going but figure the more masculine one is! Oh fuck…thoughts like that will make the plane crash! – Rachel
SMS. 21.59. Pity. Joint? – christian
SMS. 21.59. Mmm – Rachel
SMS. 22.00. What am I going to wear? – christian
SMS. 22.01. leather chaps, no undies – Rachel
SMS. 22.03. Those days r over – christian
SMS. 22.03. Yeah, my arse sags too – Rachel
SMS. 22.05. Not 30 any more – christian
SMS. 22.05. Would u go and pack! – Rachel
SMS. 22.10. Fuck, I have to pack! – christian
SMS. 22.16. (Tom) Adam was a real boy and he skydived – christian
SMS. 22.17. What do we wear? – christian
SMS. 22.17. Ummmm red and feathers – Rachel
SMS. 22.40. (Tom) Adam wouldn’t eat tomatoes – christian

I found myself distracting myself by cutting pictures out of the newspaper, just for the fridge.

SMS. 22.53. Not a good time to replace the fridge art? – christian
SMS. 23.33. All packed, 4 lunches made now off 2 bed. Hang on I think there is another massage from u! – Rachel
SMS. 23.35. Pack u idiot! I have Bob the Builder & Action Man on my fridge. I could get sidetracked but rather have Cointreau – Rachel
SMS. 23.37. Off 2 bed now, hopefully don’t have to indulge the husband 2nite…ugh! – Rachel
SMS. 23.37. I’m packed – christian
SMS. 23.37. Fuck yr good! – Rachel
SMS. 23.38. Almost – christian
SMS. 23.38. Joint luv? – christian
SMS. 23.38. Nonmomng – Rachel
SMS. 23.39. That was supposed to say Ooooh yuk – Rachel
SMS. 23.39. Hope u do – christian
SMS. 23.40. I just gagged! – Rachel
SMS. 23.40. Get on it! – christian
SMS. 23.41. Fuck off u idiot! – Rachel
SMS. 23.42. He, he, he! – christian

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Fucking hell has the world gone mad

Morning Miss
I hope Sydney is still being lovely to you. I hope you are washing out all that – I was going to say nastiness, but that's certainly not what I mean – you want washed out. Clean and new and able to push through all that is your lot. How's that?

How are you?
I am home Miss, back to face my brave new world.
Sydney certainly treated me most beautifully.  It was a joy from the time I landed to the time I got home, and while I fear that there are certain nasties within me that are there to stay forever, I certainly feel cleansed, recharged, and most optimistic.
Anyway must rush off am late for the sexual health clinic

Lovely old Sydney. I'll say hello to her on Friday, the old, tart.

can i come say gday to,morrow night?

Sure you can.

Will be lovely to see you.

And you miss.

Angelo is dead?
And congrats on getting laid Miss. Who cares if he was a starfish, sometimes its just good to have a ride J

I tell you what, it's no fun trying to work a computer when your hypo-glycaemia is playing up... try doing a double click with the mouse and it ends up anything from two to five clicks, or more. Grr!
Aby's at Bolago having a nervous break down.
Angelo's dead and Anthony is nuts, so there you go! I seem to have more friends with problems than not, at the moment.
But I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

SMS. 18.39. If I take dope in my handbag is that a problem? – Rachel

The phone rang and mum’s small, frail voice was on the other end. She said she had to go to hospital to have an ECG.

Now I’ve got to take my mum to hospital… her heart is racing at a great rate, apparently. Must go.

fucking hell
has the world gone mad
i hope u know u can count me as one of the well ones
Tom J

SMS. 18.48. Well, what’s legal? – Rachel

I took mum to emergency at Cabrini. I called me just as I was leaving to answer her question. I told her about mum.

SMS. 18.49. Maybe…but probably not, if u take some for me… I wouldn’t, but u should to see if u can get away with it – christian
SMS. 18.52. I said I will ring u, hope she is ok. Call if u need support. – Rachel
SMS. 18.54. Thanks – christian
SMS. 19.54. How’s it going luv? – Rachel

My phone’s battery died in the middle of it all. But, of course. Is that Murphy’s Law? Good on ya Murphy, thanks heaps. You certainly have a way with timing.

Call me if u feel like debriefing Miss.